What makes a good furniture designer?

Furniture designers are responsible for providing the plans to create beautiful bespoke furniture for your home. In order to create the perfect piece, and to ensure it is of a high quality and suited precisely to each individual client’s needs, all great furniture designers need to possess a particular set of characteristics.
We’ve listed below what makes a great furniture designer in this industry.


Furniture designers need a creative eye in order to select materials and styles that will look good and suit their client’s home.
Designers can be involved in the building process from designing concept drawings and plans, to having a hands-on involvement in the building process of the furniture, so an ability to create innovative, attractive pieces is essential.


Work with precision

Fitted furniture designers are responsible for providing the plans for furniture that could range from being mass produced, to unique bespoke-made pieces. Either way, they need the skills to work with absolute precision, ensuring that every measurement in the designs is correct for the actual model. Precision ensures that the finished piece looks the same as it does in the designs, and that the client receives what they have paid for every time.

Communication Skills

Designers must be adept at communicating with clients and manufacturers alike. In order to provide the plans for your bespoke piece, a good furniture designer will be able to understand exactly what each client wants, and translate that to our carpenters in detail. Great communication skills are essential in this trade in order to ensure all parties understand their part, and that all clients receive the furniture they ordered in perfect condition.


Work patterns and schedules can often change for furniture designers, and they must be flexible with their hours in order to deliver a deadline on time. Great furniture designers accept this and are able to adapt with ease to strict deadlines in order to ensure all customers’ needs are met.


Designers must be professional at all times, able to adapt to new situations constantly in order to meet the demands of their client and any projects they are working on. A professional furniture designer guarantees their clients will receive quality furniture suited to their requirements, and on time, too.

Here at Unique Bedrooms, all our furniture designers are trained to know what skills they need to create high-quality, bespoke furniture. 

Our designers are always on hand to work with you in order to help you realise your dream furniture for your home, and can deliver your original piece within a matter of weeks. We provide fitted furniture throughout Watford, Northwood and Dunstable, so contact us today for more information, and we’ll be happy to help.