The Top Trends for 2017

New year, new you. We all know that the new year gives us a chance to reinvent ourselves, but more often than not this thinking is applied solely to clothing and our personalities. Whether it’s a new hairdo, diet, wardrobe or a pledge to smile more, we try to improve ourselves on last year.

However, this isn’t all the new year brings. A new year also means new fashion and design trends across the board. For anyone wanting to grab the new year with both hands, it’d be a mistake to miss out on these exciting new trends.

Modern, Urban Colour Schemes

Traditionally, lighter colours like beige, cream and white were the predominant colours in bedrooms throughout the country, but in recent times darker colours like brown, black and grey have creeped their way in. These colours are used to accent areas of the room, drawing attention to certain areas to excite the senses.

Generally, such darker colours are used not on the walls but on the furniture itself, further serving to accent the room’s colour scheme. It is the contrast between colours that will be the main trend of 2017, so be sure to ensure the colours of your bedroom complement and contrast against one another to achieve the perfect modern and urban vibe.

Sophisticated Upholstered Headboards

Upholstered headboards for beds are destined to make a return in 2017. The sophistication these type of headboards provide will be highly sought for, as they give bedrooms a soft, luxurious feel that cannot be mimicked. Upholstered headboards featuring nailheads are most on trend.

Environmentally Friendly, Sustainable Designs

Whether 2016 has been the hottest year on record is still up in the air, but we already know that the amount of sea ice that formed in Arctic this year is at an unprecedented minimal level. As such, expect a roll-out of even more environmentally friendly and sustainable designs to hit in 2017, especially when it comes to interior design.

Instead of plastic-based furniture items, which require intensive amounts of crude oil to form, consider utilising wooden furniture throughout your home. Wood is a carbon-neutral alternative that, if properly treated, also has great longevity, meaning you’ll protect the planet for longer by purchasing it.

Fitted furniture options for wooden furniture are vast – whether you need a bed, a new chair, wardrobe or bookcase, your local specialist craftsmen will be able to help!


Reading Nooks, Complete with Fitted Furniture

Although a lot of people have made leaps towards perfecting their home cinema, people can only take so much before they go back in the opposite direction. Therefore, expect 2017 see the return of reading nooks, too!

To get the quaintest, most comfortable reading nook, you’ll need to have one expertly designed to meet the specifications of your room. With fitted furniture from Unique Bedrooms, you can capitalise on even the smallest space in your home and transform it into a reading nook, replete with bookshelves to grab your favourite titles as well.

Areas that are cosy and well-lit are particularly suited for this purpose. Plus, if you include your reading nook in your bedroom, you won’t have far to go when the words start making your eyes tired!

Unique Bedrooms provide only the highest quality fitted handmade furniture throughout the Watford, Dunstable, and Northwood areas, and we have a wide range of materials available in order to craft your dream furniture. We also offer bespoke kitchen and office furniture that our team of expertly skilled carpenters ensure fits with your vision. For more information, or a free home consultation, contact our friendly team today.