Top Tips to Help Organise Your Wardrobe

Your wardrobe is a staple part of your bedroom, able to store more than just your clothes. However, if you don’t manage to organise your items properly, you’ll fail to realise your wardrobe’s full potential. Here, we’ll be guiding you through our top tips for organising a wardrobe and how a bespoke fitted wardrobe can factor into that.

Take Stock of What You Own, Then Declutter

First of all, you should take note of all the things that you own. Go through them and think about which things you’ve used recently and which things you haven’t used in years. If you haven’t used any items in a while and don’t see yourself doing so, get rid of them; pack a box for the charity shop or see about recycling the items instead. Decluttering your wardrobe in this way makes it far easier to organise.

Make Use of Unused Wall, Door and Vertical Spaces

Any and all space in your wardrobe should be utilised. That means going above the hanging rail and perhaps even using the walls and doors of your wardrobe, too. You could either have shelving installed if you don’t already have any, or you could place a chest of drawers under the hanging rail. Hooks on walls could also be a sensible option for hanging towels, coats or ties.

Sort Your Items into Categories

Your items need to be first sorted into categories before you start sticking them back in your wardrobe. What things will you hang up? What will you store folded on a shelf? Will you store shoes in your wardrobe, too? Or will you store other items like files or accessories like bags in there? How you categorise your items will determine how you store them. Pay attention to items that can be folded instead of hung up – this might give you more space to play with.

Install Lighting

If you install lighting in your wardrobe, you won’t have to struggle to find things. Lights will make it easy to spot the item you need so you don’t have to go rummaging, which would mean that you’d have to reorganise your wardrobe afterwards. It could also look spectacular with spotlights installed.

Consider Bespoke Furniture

Your storage requirements are entirely unique to yourself. Not only do you have to consider the items that you own and what’s the best way to store them, but also the space in your room that is available. If you have a small room, or one with a large recess in it that a wardrobe simply won’t fit in, you may need to instead consider a bespoke fitted wardrobe that meets your exact requirements. Your fitted wardrobe may not have doors if your room is especially small, for instance. Alternatively, it may be spacious enough to store bits and bobs as well as clothes, or it may have to have lots of drawers to accommodate a varied and fashionable clothing range.

Whatever your requirements are, the expert carpenters at Unique Bedrooms will be able to help.

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