Top materials for your fitted furniture

When designing fitted furniture for your home, the material used to make it is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make. It’s important to consider the style and colour scheme of your home currently, and what sort of look you wish to achieve with your new fitted furniture, be it for a bespoke fitted kitchen, bespoke furniture for the living room, fitted furniture for your bedroom, or bespoke furniture items for your home office.

We’ve listed a few of the material options for you below, and what they may be best used for.



Wood is a popular choice for fitted furniture in any room of the home, providing a natural look for a range of styles. There is a huge range to choose from when using wood for your fitted furniture, from luxurious oak, walnut, maple and cherry, to the natural look of ash, birch, and beech.

Wood is a sturdy, durable option for larger items for bedroom fitted furniture, such as wardrobes and bed frames, whilst they also provide the ideal material for desks and tables in your home office or living room.


Metal is a popular fitted furniture material for homes with a modern, stylish look. Stainless steel kitchen cabinets and worktops are an increasingly popular choice for kitchen fitted furniture, providing a long-lasting structure with a sleek finish.

Metal is also a great material for providing a smart finish on your fitted furniture. Using brass, chrome plating, or stainless steel as handles for your wardrobe or desk drawers can provide a high quality finish that leaves your furniture looking perfect for your home.


Glass and mirroring is an effective material for emphasising the light and space in your home. Whether it’s glass kitchen worktops, partitioning, or a glass top on your table, this material can be used in any room of the house and create a greater impression on space for your room – ideal for smaller spaces.

Mirrors are also a great way of creating added light and space within your home. Add mirrors to your wardrobe doors for a convenient touch of luxury, opening up the space within your bedroom and eliminating the need to take up valuable wall space for a mirror.


Fabrics are an effective way of softening the look of your fitted furniture. Fabric can be employed in a range of manners, such as window seat coverings to dining chairs, with the added benefit of providing the option to add a pop of colour or pattern to your room’s decor.

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