Top Interior Design Trends for 2015

The arrival of 2015 is likely to see an influx of new interior design trends. While some of these trends are expected to be brand new, a vast majority of them are likely to have evolved from previous designs. If you are toying with the idea of changing the look of the interior of your home, it’s important that you be aware of these emerging interior design trends that are expected to define 2015. You can then use that knowledge to influence your own design or spark an inspiration for a completely new design that will best fit your taste. What are some of these trends? Here are a pick of some of the top interior design trends that are likely to be very popular in 2015.

Darker Colours

2015 is likely to see an increase in popularity of darker, more moody colours. From walls to floors and ceilings, there will be a move away from bright colours that have defined the recent past to dark ones. Marsala, Copper Brush, aquamarine and grey are some of the colours likely to prove popular in 2015.

Marsala’s effect, especially when used on kitchen walls, is nothing short of fabulous. Its strength lies not only in its beautiful visual effect but also its ability to complement a wide range of other colours. Aquamarine is also another big hitter. When used, it evokes images of soothing and refreshing tropical waters. In addition, just like Marsala, it also coordinates quite well with most of the popular colours of 2015.

Being practical and neural, grey is likely to be greatly used for furnishings, woodwork and even walls.

Open Shelf Cabinets

2015 is going to continue the evolution of the kitchen from a mere functional room to a treasured space where families can enjoy time together. In this regard, we are likely to see an increase in the popularity of open shelving. Traditionally used for display purposes, such shelving will enhance its role as a practical solution to kitchen space.

Even though this is a more user-friendly option, it’s unlikely to completely replace traditional cabinets as there are some kitchen items you might not want to be displayed. We are, therefore, likely to see an increase in the use of both of these cabinet designs combined.

Global Influences

As fascination with travelling and foreign culture grows, many are choosing to incorporate designs from places such as Morocco, Turkey and India into their homes. Their strength lies in rich variety of colours as well as intricate patterns and textures that fit perfectly with the overall trends of 2015.


The use of contrasting features is also likely to prove popular in 2015. For example, combining light and dark colours or textured and smooth materials makes the design more interesting and enhances the overall charm of the room.

Increased Use of Texture

The early 2000’s saw a tremendous increase in the popularity of sleek, super-modern looks. Recently, texture has been making a slow but steady comeback; a trend which is likely to continue in 2015. The use of furs, patterned ethnic textiles and warm woods is likely to be quite popular this year.

These are a few of the many interior design trends that are likely to define 2015. Feel free to incorporate some of these trends in your interior design plan. Alternatively, you can use them as inspiration to come up with a more personalised design.

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