Top 10 Home Office Essentials

The past decade has seen a steep rise in remote working. Technological advancements have enabled employees to satisfy their work commitments, and even participate in collaborative projects, all from the comfort of their own home.

Working from home is advantageous for many, but they must ensure they have a suitable, functional home office that enables them to work to the same high standards as they would in the office.

In this article, we’re going to detail the top 10 essentials that every great home office needs.

10. File cabinet

contemporary filing cabinet

Much of the work we do these days is digital. Unfortunately, this means that the safekeeping of important physical documents has become an afterthought. Introducing a filing cabinet into your home office will enable you to neatly store all your physical documents. If you often deal with sensitive documents, a lockable filing cabinet can boost security and privacy.

9. Telephone/communication system

Many people speculate that collaboration suffers when working remotely, but this needn’t be the case. A good telephone system will ensure communication with coworkers, clients and customers remains strong. You may even wish to introduce a webcam system for visual communication and collaboration.

8. Printer

Man's hand making copies. Working with printer

A printer can be a vital commodity; it will ensure you are able to acquire physical documents whenever you need them.

7. A nice environment

They say a cluttered desk equals a cluttered mind —  something you’ll want to avoid when handling important business tasks. Ensuring a healthy, tidy business environment will help you to perform at your best. A tidy desk, colourful walls and ample foliage have all have been shown to have an impact on your happiness, creativity and productivity.

6. Adequate lighting

hoe office with good lighting

A balance of natural and artificial lighting is important for maximising productivity in the workplace. Artificial lighting will aid you when working at night, whereas natural light will help to give you energy and enhance your happiness during the day.

5. Accessible electrical outlets

Any home office is bound to be littered with a selection of modern electrical equipment. This can be a nightmare to organise if you don’t have electrical outlets in convenient positions. Ensure your office is organised so that electrical outlets are in key positions. If more are needed, use some extension cables.

4. Comfy chair

Office Chair

Spending long hours at your desk can wreak havoc on your body if not sat in a comfortable chair. Find a chair with strong back support, adjustable levelling and rolling wheels.

3. Internet

It is a given that your home office will need internet access, but it’s important to consider its speed. Poor internet connection could cost you valuable working time from slow loading screens, or cause you to lose work through crashing programmes. Always invest in the high speed, quality internet connection to ensure your work is stable.

2. Computer

Modern Home Office

The majority of your work will be done on your computer, making it a focal part of your home office. You will want to ensure, like your internet, your computer is up to date, modern and running smoothly. Using a slower, old computer could hamper your work output.

1. Fitted office desk

fitted home office

Desks can be awkward. Finding one that is large enough to hold all your tabletop equipment, slim enough to fit comfortably in the room, sleek enough to enhance the feel of the room, and close enough to the necessary electrical outlets, can be a challenge to say the least. This is where a bespoke fitted office desk will help. You can get a desk for your office crafted to your exact requirements. Every detail can be chosen by you and will be meticulously crafted to meet these demands. 

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