The Shift to Bespoke Furniture

Recently, there has been an ever increasing shift in popularity towards bespoke, hand-crafted furniture as opposed to mass-produced. The demand for industrially produced items is on the decrease, as more people realise that cheaper, flat-pack home furniture is simply not a good investment in the long-term.

Alternatively, the option to have bespoke fitted furniture designed specifically for the home is being seen as the smarter, more fashionable option, with it being a widely recognised fact that bespoke, simply, is best.

Changing Trends

Although many companies – Unique Bedrooms included – have always offered high quality bespoke furniture services, larger businesses are recognising the shift in demand for a better investment for homes and are attempting to seize the market. Even flat-pack warehouse IKEA has introduced a new programme that allows for more flexibility when designing kitchens, indicating the movement in homeowners’ demands for more choice and customisable furniture options.


One of the biggest motivations for this shift in preference is because of the unique look bespoke furniture can give to a home. Heights and dimensions can be adjusted to suit the requirements of a particular room, whilst furniture can be designed specifically with one home and style in mind – guaranteeing an individual look.

It goes without saying that no one wants a clone of their neighbours and friends homes – each room should be a reflection of the homeowners own personality, and fitted or bespoke furniture is increasingly recognised as the perfect way to do this.


Not only does bespoke furniture look better, it’s also a better investment for your money. You can have an input into the design and materials used every step of the way, tailoring your furniture to your budget.

What’s more, bespoke furniture is guaranteed to be better made and longer lasting than mass-manufactured products that have to be assembled at home and will have to be replaced in a few years time. Many bespoke pieces will prove to be far more durable and cost-effective investments, despite the slightly higher initial purchase price.


With all the freedom bespoke fitted furniture provides, it’s no wonder this style is moving into the mainstream, and here at Unique Bedrooms, we’ve been specialising in providing high-quality hand crafted pieces for years!

Contact our friendly team today to discuss your ideas and the services we offer, and we’ll be more than happy to help you on your first steps to acquiring your perfect furniture.