The Benefits of Wooden Fitted Bedroom Furniture

Following on from our article last month on the different types of wood you can utilise for bedroom furniture, this month we’ll be addressing the advantages and disadvantages to actually going in for wooden fitted bedroom furniture.


The aesthetics

Wooden furniture has a natural beauty that is nigh on impossible to artificially imitate; when it’s faked, you can tell, and when it’s the real deal it can inject a room full of life and sophistication. And with a wide variety of woods on offer, each with their own personal aesthetic qualities, there’s bound to be a material available that matches your specific tastes and desires in order to make your furniture individual to you.

Wooden Fitted Bedroom Furniture - Watford, Dunstable, Northwood - Unique Bedrooms Direct

Easily tailorable

As a raw material wood is a highly tailorable one in general, meaning that no matter what your requirements and tastes may be you’ll be able to have the perfect piece of wooden furniture crafted for you in your home.

Durable and strong

Not only is wood a strong material that can provide your furniture with support and comfort, it is also highly durable and you can expect decades of reliability and aesthetic pleasure from your wooden fitted bedroom furniture. However, this quality does mean wooden furniture can often be quite weighty, so you’ll need to think carefully about your choice of furniture should the room you’re intending it for be difficult to access. Nevertheless, this is a minor drawback for a furniture design that has been tried and tested throughout the centuries.


Due to its durability the initial high cost of wooden furniture can be offset by the decades of use you can expect from it when compared with furniture made of other materials. Wooden furniture is reliable and timeless, aging with a grace that only adds to its beauty. The key is to not be put off by the high cost of purchase and to think more about the piece’s longevity.


Unlike other types of furniture, wooden furniture does not require the same amount of care and maintenance that you’d expect with the others. A quick wipe down every so often to remove any dust that may settled upon it is all you need to keep your bespoke wooden furniture in pristine condition.

Wooden Fitted Bedroom Furniture - Watford, Dunstable, Northwood - Unique Bedrooms Direct


There are as many different types of wood available to craft your furniture from as the day is long, as outlined in our previous article. Each has its own qualities, ranging from differences in strength, touch and look, and with so much to choose from you’re bound to find the perfect wood for your home.


Unique Bedrooms Direct Ltd provide only the highest quality fitted handmade furniture throughout the Watford, Dunstable, and Northwood areas, and we have a wide range of materials available in order to craft your dream furniture. We also offer bespoke kitchen and office furniture that our team of expertly skilled carpenters ensure fits with your vision. For more information, or a free home consultation, contact our friendly team today.