Space Saving Furniture Tips

Your bedroom is a space of tranquillity and relaxation where you can escape from the stresses of the outside world. However, in reality it can often be a space with clothes strewn across the floor and belongings tossed over the furniture, easily becoming a messy area which is far from the peaceful retreat you are searching for.

In an attempt to transform the bedroom space from cluttered chaos to an organised haven, many opt for standard bedroom furniture. This can be available in basic shapes and sizes which do not fit properly with your room as they have not been tailored to its specifications.

This can be more of a hindrance than a help as your belongings often end up spilling out of the wardrobes and drawers, creating a constant battle with your bedroom to find that piece of clothing you have been searching days, or maybe even weeks, for.

Have you considered fitted furniture?

Fitted furniture is a practical and stylish solution to all your storage problems. It fits perfectly with your lifestyle and bedroom to guarantee a mess-free, uncluttered hideaway. The built-in wardrobes, drawers and cupboards are the ideal answer, even if you have issues with sloping ceilings, alcoves or oddly-shaped rooms.


They are constructed to fit with your personality, preferences and budgetary requirements, substantially increasing storage space so you can store items away until you need them or put your precious glassware and crockery on display. Such furniture creates maximum storage space, providing you with plenty of room to store your clothes and belongings.

Or furniture with dual purpose capabilities?

Efficient storage can extend beyond fitted furniture to useful items such as dual-purpose furniture. Storage beds with in-built shelves and drawers which can all be moved around to adapt with any room can provide effective storage space which does not take up any extra space in the room. It can be the ultimate convenience in kid’s rooms, with space saving bunk beds or under-the-bed storage drawers.

Another useful item is a bench with a storage compartment underneath, so you can stow all your shoes in a place they will not create any clutter or store all the child’s toys when they are not being used. It also makes a purposeful piece of furniture for people to sit on when you host a dinner party or have family around to visit.

These are just a few of the effective products on offer which can create the ideal solution for any of your storage problems. Choosing a design in which the colour and material complements the rest of the room is essential so the item delivers on style as well as practicality.  Accompanied with fitted furniture, they are the ideal answer for a modern, planned and organised bedroom.

Create your own purpose built space

Here at Unique Bedrooms, we understand the importance of having a bedroom which you can totally unwind in and relax. This is why we offer a comprehensive fitted bedroom service completely designed to your exact specifications, creating your dream design. From the initial design process and measurement-taking through to the installation itself, we are on hand every step of the way – whatever your requirements, we have the solution for a highly competitive price. Simply give us a ring or contact us online today for further information.