The safest types of wardrobes for children

Finding a wardrobe that perfectly matches the design of a room can be difficult. When taking into consideration the safety precautions necessary for young children, it can make these decisions even harder. Or if you’re not a parent yourself, but receive visits from those with young children on a regular basis, incorporating child-friendly elements into the design of your bedroom can be a great long-term and cost-effective option.

Household injuries are one of the top three reasons why children under three years old visit A & E each year, and this could be avoided easily with a few important considerations. Flat-pack furniture has been known to fall on children and can sometimes be fatal – according to the BBC, two children died in 2014 due to an accident involving toppling Ikea units.

Although using the wall-mount brackets eliminates some of the risk associated with freestanding furniture, undeniably the safest type of wardrobe for children are fitted ones. Some options include:

Sliding door wardrobes are the perfect combination of storage space and minimalistic design. Everything that is potentially hazardous such as matches and candles, photo frames and small toys or other choking hazards, can be neatly tucked away behind sliding doors in anticipation of a visit from small children.

Fitted bedroom wardrobes suit spaces that can be particularly tricky to furnish, including box rooms, attic rooms and rooms with uneven or oddly shaped walls. Unique Bedrooms can create bespoke designs in a range of colour and style options that are fitted to the room itself, whilst retaining that all important safety aspect.

Mirrored wardrobes can be great for small spaces, or rooms which are a bit dark or otherwise in need of an improved look. They are also fitted into the space, so there is no danger of a freestanding mirror being pulled off the wall by little hands, or toppled by a child who has just learned to run around and explore…

In addition to wardrobes, furniture accessories to match the functionality of the room can be a great finishing touch. Each wardrobe solution is tailored to the exact requirements of our clients, so we can ensure that each and every design is as safe as it can be for your children. This includes re-thinking the design of door knobs, wardrobe fastenings, shelving racks and mirrors to ensure the finished design is as safe as possible.

Unique Bedrooms creates beautiful bespoke bedrooms and fitted furniture which will allow you to make the most of your space. Our furnishings are handmade by expert craftsmen and always meet a high standard of finish and quality. For tailor-made furniture around the areas of St Albans, Dunstable and Northwood, visit our showroom or get in touch for further information.