Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Fitted Furniture

Choosing plastic fitted furniture for your home can radically alter the appearance and vibe of a room. But dependent on the quality of the plastic furniture and the decor of the rest of the room, the effect it brings can either be a rejuvenating or very detrimental one.

In this month’s article we’ll be looking at the advantages and disadvantages of using plastic fitted furniture in your home so you can make the most informed decision possible!


The Advantages:

  • Plastic fitted furniture is cheaper than other traditional materials such as wood or metal, and therefore would be well-suited to those with a tight budget to work with.
  • Compared with other types of furniture, plastic furniture is lighter, an ideal trait for environments with small children. Although this advantage may not be noticeable with fitted furniture, should the fixtures come loose you will have less to fear when it comes to your children being in harm’s way.
  • Plastic is a low maintenance material that is easily cleaned and resistant to the majority of defects that wood or metal may find themselves subject to.
  • Likewise, plastic is waterproof, making it further ideal for either a child’s room or for outdoor use.
  • The range of colours with plastic fitted furniture is extensive to say the least, more so, for the most part, than is available in metal or wooden furniture. For a vibrant, engaging room, choose plastic.
  • As we have stated briefly above, plastic is highly suitable and safe for children. Its light and waterproof nature as well as its low maintenance requirements all make it ideal, but further to this is the fact that plastic furniture is reliably smooth-edged, and thereby it would serve to protect your children from splinters and sharp or pointed corners.


The Disadvantages:

  • The material lacks the sophistication that comes with the more expensive types of furniture made of wood or metal. If you are trying to make a lasting impression on a client or anything else of that ilk, you may be hampering yourself by choosing to go plastic. However, there are always two sides to an argument, and the point we’re making here should not be strictly adhered to if the decor of the room demands fitted plastic furniture over wood or metal furniture. Discretion is advised.
  • Plastic is made via a process that uses materials like coal, crude oil and gas, and as such it is not environmentally friendly. Furthermore, plastic is not biodegradable. It is therefore doubly damaging to the environment. The silver lining of plastic is its recyclability, so when it comes to the end of its life you must seek to recycle your plastic furniture.
  • The structure itself of plastic furniture lacks the longevity other types of furniture boast. Often it is the weaker nature of plastic that proves its downfall, with those who own plastic furniture having to replace it every few years. The lifespan of plastic furniture must be considered when deciding which material to utilise.


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