Our top picks for Bedroom Trends in 2018

While you should always decorate your bedroom in a way that suits you and your tastes, it’s always fun to take a look at what styles are trending for the year. Taking cues from current trends allows our own personal tastes to fit into an up-to-date frame, demonstrating to friends and family that you have your fingers on the pulse.

This year, there are a number of new, interesting interior design trends that are worth taking note of and, in this article, we’re going to be taking a look at them.

Bold colours

Bedroom Trends 2018 Bold Interior

After years of minimalism where white and shades of grey were all the rage, now it seems as though bolder statements will be made throughout homes. Whether it’s on your walls, pieces of furniture or something more subtle like pillows and pots, 2018 is looking a lot brighter. Particularly, the colours of choice are deep green, navy and violet, all of which will be seen regularly throughout the year.

Bold colours can be applied throughout your bedroom and look extremely inviting on bed linen and pillows. If you want to learn more about how colour can set a specific mood, check out this article.


Bedroom Trends 2018 Textured Furniture

Texture is an extremely important trend this year and can be applied to every room in the house. When it comes to furniture, the most important features are a natural, handmade feel and materials such as wicker or rattan. Textiles, on the other hand, tend to feature numerous embellishments, rough patterns and raw edges – the emphasis being on touch.

While you might think that some of these fabrics might be a little abrasive, they look great around a bedroom and offer a particularly Mediterranean feel. Ultimately, whether you want to adopt this trend in your home will depend on your own personal style. If you want to learn more about how to decorate to reflect your personality, read this article.


Bedroom Trends 2018 Tropical room

Continuing on from last year, the tropical trend is still going strong. However, where last year was more about bright carnival colours, this year is more about channeling the energy of the jungle with rich greens and accompanying plants.

This trend is perfect for your bedroom; plants – as well as the colour green itself – can have a perceptible calming effect on us, making them an ideal partner for bedtime. You could also consider this for your bathroom, too, creating a tropical sanctuary.

Statement ceilings

Bedroom Trends 2018 Statement Ceiling

If you’re looking for a really inventive way to transform your bedroom, try this trend: statement ceilings. Keeping the walls one colour, you can decorate, tile or paint the ceiling to make it a standout feature. Alternatively, you could even add some fun lighting features or a ceiling rose to make it the focal point of your room.


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