Loft bedrooms – How to furnish them

Lofts are one of the most interesting spaces in your house to furnish, as the lower ceilings, sloping walls or quirky alcoves are aspects that can make the design of the room truly unique. However, this means the interior design process might also present a few extra challenges, so being prepared to tailor your ideas to work perfectly with the space you have is a must. Read on for Unique Bedrooms Direct’s ideas for ways to furnish your loft to achieve your perfect bedroom.

fitted bedroom


With many lofts incorporating sloping ceilings or low hanging beams, lighting them for those cosy winter evenings in can prove a little trickier than with a conventional room. If ceiling space is at a premium, consider investing in some floor lamps, or install ceiling or wall lights that point upwards into the eaves of the house. This will give the illusion of more depth and height, as well as enabling you to tailor the ambience to your intentions for the room – be it a cosy and homely, or modern and chic.

Décor and soft furnishings

Choosing the right colour scheme is one of the more important decisions, as it is one of the less changeable aspects of the room. If your loft space has certain quirky features, highlighting these with colourful paint or patterned wallpaper to create a feature wall can be a great way to add some extra vibrancy into the space. You can really get creative and blend the tones of the walls, ceilings and carpet colours to soft furnishings such as bedspreads, window coverings, throws, rugs and any pictures or pieces of art.

Placement of furniture

The flow of a loft bedroom is extremely important not only for aesthetics, but also practicality. Waking up only to bang your head on a low ceiling each morning is not a good way to start a busy day. As such, think carefully about where you place your furniture: does the bed have enough headroom? Is there enough space in front of the wardrobe or mirror for you to stand comfortably? Try to prioritise the highest parts of the loft for areas you’ll use most often – small alcoves or very low parts of the loft might be better used for desk space, storage and shelving.

Fitted pieces

Lofts are a perfect opportunity for bespoke furniture – made to fit around any little niches your loft bedroom may have. The main benefit of fitted furniture is its versatility and longevity – the wardrobes or cupboards you install could, in later years, be used for if the usage of the room changes – such as storing equipment, turning it into a playroom or home office.

Other key furnishings you could add to your bedroom could include wooden beams, fitted beds and desks with incorporated storage, or shelves for books, ornaments or clothes. The possibilities are endless, so choosing something that stays true to your personality and lifestyle is key, ensuring you’ll be enjoying your space for years to come.

fitted room

Making the most of all available space

If there’s any alcoves or low-set windows, perhaps installing a bookshelf and window seat would create a reading nook or study space, perfect for a pleasant environment from which to spend rainy afternoons.

Adaptable furniture such as a small sofa bed tucked away under the eaves might also help make the most of the space too, increasing the adaptability of the room, such as by providing a convenient place for guests to stay when necessary.

Adding an ensuite bathroom

The addition of a bathroom upstairs not only offers more convenience and privacy, but could greatly improve your routine – with no more queues for the shower on busy mornings. This is a great way to convert your loft bedroom into a stunning master suite; an idyllic space to relax away from the rest of the home.

attic en suite

Creating the perfect interior design solution for your loft space can be tricky, but as experts with years of experience providing bespoke fit-outs and made-to-measure furniture, Unique Bedrooms are on hand to help. Our designers and carpenters have the accreditation and expertise to work with your requirements, make your ideal loft space into a reality. Simply get in touch today for more information, or visit one of our showrooms, local to Dunstable and Northwood.