Keep Your Mirrored Wardrobes Streak Free

Mirrored wardrobes are excellent – who doesn’t want to get dressed and observe their outfit from the same station? That’s part of the reason mirrored wardrobes are such a popular item when it comes to bedroom furnishing. However, that said, they do come with a rather frustrating problem: streaks. Yes, glass and mirrors can collect dirt very easily, sometimes this can occur from over-cleaning, too! Don’t worry, though, the team at Unique Bedrooms are on hand to help you navigate this problem.

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Do I need to go out and buy a cleaning product?

Before you can clean your windows, the first thing you must do is find the right product to actually clean them with. Now, there is a lot of dispute about which products work best, if any at all, so we will cover them all just to make sure you have the widest selection of options. You might not even need to go to the shop!

If you go online or visit a large supermarket, the likelihood is that you will find some window and mirror cleaning products that claim they are the right spray for the job. Brands like Mr Muscle and Dettol both offer their own type of mirror cleaning product, however, we don’t feel such purchases are wholly necessary. That is, although such products work, the same effect can largely be achieved without the need to make a trip to the supermarket!

Water and vinegar

This may seem like an odd suggestion, but before you go sprinting to the nearest shop, try the following. Get a bowl, a bottle of white vinegar, some water (preferably distilled) and a spray bottle. To create your DIY mirror-cleaning solution, simply mix the liquids in a bowl at a ratio of 4:1, water to vinegar. Once the solution has been mixed, you can then pour it into your empty spray bottle ready for when your mirrors are looking a little bit murky again.

Washing up liquid

This suggestion is perhaps a little more straightforward than the previous one, and it might make a little more sense, too. All you need is detergent. However, it must be strongly diluted, so make sure that you have a bucket which you can fill to the top, only adding one squirt of detergent. Once you have created this solution, all you have to do is team it with the correct cloth

As far as we’re concerned, both of the DIY solutions suggested work as well as each other. Consequently, it will depend on what you have in your cupboards!


A microfibre cloth

Don’t go to the trouble of concocting the perfect no-streaks solution to simply go and use the wrong cloth. So, don’t just grab some old newspaper, get a microfibre cloth! They’re far softer and we’ll achieve the right results with no scratches.


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