How to keep cool at night

As summer months approach and the days get hotter, keeping a comfortable temperature becomes an increasing concern. Most people will relish sunny days and outdoor activities, but when it comes to your home, you want to keep it as cool as possible, especially at night. A hot and stuffy house can be unpleasant and even have a negative impact on your sleep. So, this month, we have put together some top tips on how to keep your bedroom cool so you can get a good night’s sleep.


1) Invest in air con

This is a particularly good solution if you live in an area which is often hot as the initial costs will definitely become money well spent. Air conditioning is the ultimate solution for optimum climate control so if you’re serious about staying cool, this is a great option.

2) Close your blinds

Heat absorption through windows can really contribute to high temperatures inside your home. Sun beaming through windows and glass-panelled doors will easily create a greenhouse effect which can be hard to shift. By closing blinds during the day, you can create something of a heat barrier, reducing heat buildup. Slatted blinds – such as Venetians or vertical blinds – can be a great option for reducing heat infiltration whilst still allowing in daylight.


3) Open windows at night

Although it is tempting to fling open windows on a summer’s day, if the air temperature outside is hotter than inside, you will just end up increasing the temperature in your house. Be strategic with letting in fresh air by only opening windows at night when the air temperature has dropped and you can benefit from cool air whilst trying to sleep.

4) Ice fan

This is a traditional and innovative method of providing extra cooling. To boost the function of a normal fan, place a bowl of cold, ice-filled water in front of the unit. This will provide a source of cold misted air which the fan will then whip up and disperse around the room for superior cooling power.

5) Freeze a hot water bottle  

A hot water bottle isn’t just for Christmas! Give your hot water bottle a seasonal update and put it in the freezer to make a bed-friendly ice pack which can provide much appreciated cool when you’re trying to drop off. If you have two hot water bottles, you could leave one in the freezer as a fresh cold source if you wake up hot again in the middle of the night.

6) Cotton sheets

Your choice of sheets can make a difference to the comfort of your bed on hot nights. Heavy, synthetic materials, whilst great for staying warm in winter, can become stifling in summer. Swap out sheets for a lightweight cotton material for breathability, ventilation and reduced heat conservation.

7) Cool shower

A cool shower in summer can become something of a luxury, rather than an unpleasant experience. The cool water can help reduce your core body temperature and leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed right before bed.


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