Interior Design Styles for your fitted Bedroom


The average human is estimated to spend approximately a third of their life sleeping. That translates to almost 26 years spent in bed! That’s why choosing the right bedroom design is important; not only to provide you with the perfect sleeping space, but to create a relaxing environment to dress, work, or just relax in some down-time, specifically designed with you in mind.

Tailoring your personal space to your personality is a great way to ensure you get the best possible use out of your bedroom. Unique Bedrooms understands the importance of top quality interior design, and have an expert team of designers available to help you realise your dream space.

We’ve listed our 8 top interior design styles for your bedroom below.


A bohemian-styled fitted bedroom is a great way to express a creative, hippie personality. The style tends to have a fun and relaxed vibe, incorporating unconventional and colourful bedding with bold accessories.

Bright hues and pretty patterns with vintage-inspired furniture elements will help to add a relaxed and warm atmosphere to your bedroom.


All lovers of fashion will appreciate the need for a trendy room to reflect their personality and unwind in. A combination of modern and vintage accessories with the addition of mirrored wardrobes for extra light and space can create a truly glamorous bespoke bedroom.

Small Space

One of the most important interior design tips for a smaller bedroom is to remember that lighter hues create a bigger illusion of space; that’s light walls, a lighter type of wood, and bright colours!

A fitted bedroom is ideal for a smaller room as they enable you to design and utilize all space available, creating additional storage and floor space where needed.


The appeal of a country styled room with statement wooden furniture and warm, cozy features isn’t hard to understand, and rustic decor remains a favourite style for interior designers.

Rustic interior design creates a warm and timeless environment no matter what your age, with options to add an array of colours to accessorise stark wooden features.

Retro/ Vintage

A retro-inspired bedroom design can create a fun environment with a funky, timeless feel, whilst the addition of statement vintage accessories create a sophisticated environment to relax in.


An Asian-inspired bespoke bedroom design is becoming an increasingly popular bedroom choice, largely due to the multiple design options the style can have; ranging from tranquil with minimal features, to vivid and bold.

Fitted bedroom furniture can be as elaborate as you want it, including fitted sliding door wardrobes across a whole wall, to a few simple signature pieces.


A key feature to the simple Scandinavian-style bespoke bedroom is a clean, neutral setting, with options to decorate with some bold statement accessories to allow your personality to shine through. The simple, clean lines of Scandinavian style create an elegant and functional appeal to a bedroom, keeping clutter to a minimum.

This style is perfect with a sliding door wardrobe, adding to the simplistic, sophisticated aesthetic of the room, and making it perfect for smaller bedrooms.

Country Style

For a traditional room style inspired by countryside design, traditional folk-inspired floral and patchwork patterns can add a warm depth to a bedroom.

Pairing this theme with fitted wooden furniture would add a perfect modern twist to the country character of a bedroom.


Here at Unique Bedrooms, our experts are dedicated to helping you create your dream bedroom. From built in-wardrobes to window seats and contemporary accessories, we create and install fitted furniture to the highest possible standards.

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