Iconic Bedrooms: What elements can you bring into your home?

Your bedroom is arguably the one room in the house that must suit you perfectly – it’s where you relax, unwind, read, dress, beautify, sleep, spend time alone, dream. Of course we’d all love to have amazing bedrooms like the ones we see in the magazines and movies, but most of us have budgetary and space constraints that just don’t seem to apply to all those beautifully pictured spaces. That said, there are plenty of ways to turn our bedrooms into places that really do seem iconic.


Decide on a basic style

While you can be as flexible as you like – it’s your bedroom, after all! – it helps to have a basic idea of the look you’re trying to create. Do you want a rustic, woodland, or country cottage look? A bright and light seaside feel? Are you inspired by Tuscan or Asian styles? Or perhaps you prefer the minimalist look and would rather keep your space as clean and uncluttered as you can.

Pick your colour palette

It’s generally easier to achieve a look you’re really happy with if you start with neutrals, and then bring in colours, patterns or themes by way of the elements you add to the room – your linen and throw pillows, art, bedside rugs, lampshades, curtains, rugs. Go with colours you love for both the neutrals and the accents but don’t overwhelm your basic palette with too many brights or patterns – remember you’re going to have to sleep in this room!


Design your layout

This aspect of your bedroom planning is especially important for smaller rooms. Position your bed centrally so that you have space for a nightstand and lamp on each side, and then have a look at the space available before moving any more furniture into the room. Make sure you have enough space to move around the room, access cupboards and drawers, and see yourself full-length in the mirror, without difficulty.

Organise storage

You want to be relaxing, playing and sleeping in your bedroom, not tripping over stuff and dealing with clutter. If you have a very large bedroom your choices are endless as you can put in lovely big wardrobes, chests of drawers, and cabinets to your heart’s content. Most of us, though, don’t have the space for all of that, which is where built-in cupboards come into their own – your fitted bedroom furniture, in the style and colour palette you’ve chosen, can give your room a bespoke look and finish and is by far the most practical storage solution for smaller spaces. Where possible, go for sliding doors so that you don’t need opening and closing space for hinged doorways. You can install a combination chest of drawers / bedside table for small item storage, and can be wonderfully creative with shelving.

Unique Bedrooms Direct

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