How to Store Your Summer Clothes

Summer has come to an end —  time to swap out the shorts, skirts and t-shirts for woolly jumpers, hoodies and long trousers. Remember that you likely won’t be wearing your summer clothes for another 6 months, so it’s important to store them away properly. Failing to do so can lead to sun damage, discolouration, creases and mould — not a good look when summer rolls back around. In this article, we’re going to give you some clothes storage ideas for the winter.

Consider donating

Woman holding Clothes with Donate Box In her room, Donation Concept.

Before choosing how to store your clothes, consider whether you need to store your clothes. If you’ve rarely worn any of your summer clothes this year, there’s probably even less chance that you’ll want to wear them next year. Consider donating your clothes to a local charity shop to support a good cause and free up valuable wardrobe space.


Wash all your clothes before you store them away, even if you don’t think they need it. Remnants of food or sweat can fester over time, attracting moths and other pests. In addition, stains that have been present for months will likely set and discolour your item of clothing. Wash your clothes to ensure that all dirt, food, stains and sweat have been completely removed.


For items you wish to store in a container, swap out the cardboard boxes for plastic clothes storage boxes. These have a greater seal and will protect your clothes from damp and insects. Ensure these boxes are sturdy, however, as thin plastic can produce moisture. For this reason, use cotton bags instead of plastic dry cleaning bags for clothes you wish to store in bags.


Four wooden hangers on chrome pole with a green background.

Use suitable clothes hangers. This will prevent your clothes from getting creased. Store your most delicate items on padded hangers. Hang skirts and shorts by their waistbands and trousers by their hem.


Ensure you store your garments in a suitable environment. While you may wish to store them out of sight to free up space, don’t keep them in your attic, garage or basement. These areas are typically quite moist, making them prone to the growth of mould and mildew. Additionally, keep your clothes out of direct sunlight; sunlight can cause your clothes to fade.

We recommend storing your clothes in a clean, dark, dry place — such as your wardrobe! Investing in a fitted wardrobe will provide you with all the available space you need to store your clothes without compromising on room space. Fitted wardrobes are built to utilise the unique shapes and dimensions of your room, giving you ample summer clothes storage in an awkward area of your room that may otherwise go unused. 

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