How to Store and Organise Shoes in Your Wardrobe

If your shoe addiction is causing space issues in your beloved boudoir, it might be time to brush up on how to store shoes in a wardrobe. If you know the right tips and tricks, wardrobe shoe storage is a godsend, so in this article, we offer up some shoe storage ideas and tips to reclaim your slumber space. Read on for our step-by-step guide. 


Clear the shoes off the floor

wardrobe with shoe rack

Start by clearing away scattered shoes on your floor. Not only are they a trip hazard, but they’re also likely to be spoiling the ambience of your bedroom. The first stage of your organisation journey should, therefore, be to gather your shoes from the floor, ready to be sorted. Give them a dusting or clean if they need it. 


Clear out your wardrobe

clearing out wardrobe

To ensure your shoe storage operation doesn’t cause unnecessary disarray, it’s worth giving your wardrobe a clear out first. Chances are, your wardrobe suffers from some degree of clutter – whether that’s years’ worth of clothes that you never wear or a few mystery boxes that can be chucked. Getting rid of these unused items can free up more space for your shoes. Old clothes, toys and trinkets can be taken to charity shops who will find a new home for them. 


Sort shoes into categories

high heels storage

The question of how to organise shoes to give yourself an easy time in the morning is vital. Most people get ready in a rush, and so don’t need the added annoyance of spending precious time hunting for a particular pair of shoes. 

That’s where categorisation can help. Perhaps you want to group your shoes based on how often you wear them? So your beloved trainers and everyday work shoes would come under frequently worn, high heels perhaps as occasionally worn, and hiking boots or sandals as seldom worn. This way, you can arrange the shoes to give easy access to the shoes you reach for the most. 

Another method is to group shoes according to use, for example: work shoes, casual trainers, partying shoes, workout shoes, hiking boots, sandals, winter boots, indoor slippers/shoes etc. Whatever the occasion, this organisation method means you know exactly where the right type of shoe is at the right time. 


How to store boots in your wardrobe

storing boots in wardrobe

Boot storage requires its own approach. Long boots especially can flop over, taking up even more space you can’t afford. 

If you’re wondering how to store boots effectively, the trick is to keep them upright by filling them with a boot shaper bought online, or by creating your own with a plastic bottle or newspaper. You can also purchase clip hangers to hang your boots up alongside your clothes to prevent their large size from taking up too much space. Maybe treat them to a little polish, too. 


Finding suitable shoe storage for your wardrobe

shoe rack in wardrobe

Not all wardrobes are built the same. Some are smaller or less well-designed, granting little space for a shoe rack to lay at the bottom. Bear in mind that the shape and size of your wardrobe will dictate which options are best for you. Perhaps a rack will fit at the bottom? Or maybe if you have a tall, slender wardrobe then a hanging shoe pocket will be more suitable which can dangle from the wardrobe rail or hang on the inside of the wardrobe door? Another choice is to get some simple plastic boxes and fill these with your shoes. 

However, these options are not long-term solutions and could become cumbersome, especially as your shoe collection expands. 


Bedroom furniture with shoe storage built-in

bespoke fitted wardrobe with shoe storage

Freeing up space can give your home a new lease of life and also reduce your stress levels. A bespoke fitted wardrobe may seem extravagant but it’s actually an affordable and practical option for any homeowner, and ultimately is a long-term investment to benefit your home. Potential buyers will see this a real bonus and one less thing they have to worry about if you’ve made the best use of the available space. 

The wardrobe can be easily designed to suit your room and fit neatly into any awkward spaces (e.g. lofts) and also fulfil your storage needs – this includes in-built shoe storage shelves or drawers. The beauty of a bespoke wardrobe is you decide on the specifications to ensure it looks and functions how you want it to, rewarding you with a stylish bedroom feature and a clutter-free future. 

Here at Unique Bedrooms, we design and craft bespoke bedroom furniture, including beautiful fitted wardrobes. We pride ourselves on affordable prices for hand-crafted items, created to your specifications by our expert carpenters. To discuss your ideas, please get in touch today – we serve customers across Northwood, Watford, Dunstable and beyond.