How To Arrange Bedroom Furniture: A Guide

Also referred to as Chinese geometry, feng shui is a well-known theory that people all around the globe are trying to apply to their homes in order to harmonise the space they come back to. And it’s fair to say that feng shui does have an effect on our lives and can improve our well-being, which is where ‘how to arrange bedroom furniture’ comes in. Not only is it important to slow down the energy, clear the clutter, balance five elements and so on, but it’s also important to give deep thought into ensuring our bedrooms are fit for purpose.

Since an average person spends 26 years of their lifetime sleeping, it’s vital to hone positive energy into our bedrooms, so we can ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. So let’s get started on how to arrange bedroom furniture and the age-old question, where should my bed face?


Different shapes of bedrooms layout theory

Rectangular bedroom layout ideas

rectangular bedroom layout ideas

The best place for your bed in a rectangular bedroom is with the headboard touching the longest wall, opposite the door, in the centre (as long as it doesn’t sit under a window). Having your bed away from the window means that the morning light can shine through and over to you, helping you to wake naturally, and it means that you’ll be further away from any noise or cold drafts.

If you have space, have a bedside table next to your bed, it makes for a convenient space to place a phone or book after some bedtime reading. Be wise with the rest of your space, if you don’t really use a desk in your room, switch it out for a set of drawers or a wardrobe – maximise your space and get rid of items that’ll just take up valuable space.


Square bedroom layout ideas

square bedroom layout ideas

A square room lends itself to symmetry, so if you’re asking yourself ‘which way should my bed face,’ try placing the bed opposite the door and in the centre of the opposite wall. Place a nightstand either side of the bed and use the rest of the space to work out where you’d like your dressing area, reading/study nook or other comforts. Think small pieces of furniture, to prevent boxing yourself in.


L-shaped bedroom layout ideas

Unusually shaped rooms present a whole host of issues which can make furnishing a room an extremely difficult job, but fear not. If you have an L-shaped bedroom with alcoves and acute angles, you can use these areas to tactically place smaller items. For example, you could take a small pouffe/chair or a rounded lamp, to soften any sharp corner and turn it into something like a little reading nook. As for awkward alcoves, maximise these areas by installing floating shelves and be sure to keep items off the floor to create the illusion of a bigger space.

Use your L-shaped bedroom to your advantage, section off an area of the room and turn it into your office area or dressing space, away from your cosy sleeping area. This will help to switch your mind between work and sleep, to improve your concentration when working and improve your quality of sleep when in bed. The best place to put your bed in an L-shaped room is either in the middle of the square section or to the side, in the corner.

However, if you don’t need an alcove or sharp corner for a reading area or work station, opt for tailored furnishings. Alcoves and weird corners are perfect for built-in cabinets and built-in wardrobes, and that means that you needn’t find another place for a free-standing set of drawers or wardrobe. 


How to arrange a small bedroom

small bedroom layout ideas

A platform bed works extremely well in a small bedroom, it’s low to the ground, helps to elongate the height of the room and tends to come with under-bed storage – ideal for space-saving. A bed should be placed in the corner in a small room, so you have floor space to walk around on and a room that allows for more than just sleeping.

If you don’t need a nightstand, ditch it and opt for a thin stall. Go mad with mirrors, tall and rectangle, small and round – these will reflect light into all corners of the room. To completely economise space in the bedroom, bespoke fitted wardrobes and other pieces of furniture can help you to ensure style and optimal functionality.


Understand the layout of your bedroom

where to place bedroom furniture

Before buying new furnishings or trying to place your old furnishings inside a new room you will want to check to see if they actually fit, so you can better understand your bedroom setup. 

  1. Firstly, you’ll want to consider the list below to help you find the best bedroom layout:
    • Width of the walls
    • Positioning of windows
    • Position of the radiator
    • Location of plugs and TV aerial ports
    • Where the doors are and whether they open inwards or outwards
  2. Once you’ve considered this list, you’ll want to measure up to decide which pieces of furniture will be able to fit nicely into your bedroom. It’s important to know what will fit in before lifting and moving heavy furnishings, as this will save you hassle and energy.
  3. Revisit your entrances and exits. You need to keep these areas clear, so keep furnishings away from the door span, ensuring it can open and close with ease.
  4. How will you use your room? We don’t just sleep in our rooms, we relax and read books, watch television, get ready for a day out, play PlayStation games, and so on. If the room is to be used by two people, remember that a double bed will take up more space. Put a small list together of the things that are most important to you – or both of you – and this will help you to understand and vet pieces of furniture.
  5. Use the right sized furnishings. If the living space in your bedroom is becoming smaller and smaller because of large dressers, desks, wardrobes and so on, you might need to opt for smaller furnishings or bespoke furnishings. With bespoke furnishings, you needn’t lose out either, with built-in wardrobes and cabinets, you don’t have to sacrifice storage space. Tailor-made pieces of furniture will keep everything nicely in-scale with the room.
  6. Personalise your space! Be true to the style you like, whether you’re ultra-modern, a minimalist or prefer a cosy interior, be sure to adorn the room with what makes you, you! The perfect way to ensure that your room carries your personality is to turn to bespoke fittings where you will be able to choose its style, design and function. 


Bedroom layout ideas and tips on where to position bedroom furniture

where to put bedroom nightstands

Knowing how to arrange bedroom furniture is never easy but to save yourself the hassle of arranging and rearranging your bedroom setup, we’ve put together some ideas that’ll share how to arrange a bedroom. 

Where should I put my nightstand in my bedroom?

If you have ample room, having two nightstands makes for great symmetry and excellent convenience. However, if you do not have space, then a simple, thin stall might be a good alternative.

If having a nightstand is important to you and you require drawers, but a set that works well with the rest of your room, opt for bespoke furniture.

Where should I put my dresser in my bedroom?

Tall dressers look best in the corner of a room and shorter dressers work well underneath a window. If you have a small room and space is limited, be crafty and put your dresser (if you can) inside your wardrobe.

Where should I put a wardrobe in my bedroom?

If you have a section of your room that juts out, you could place your wardrobe here, and if it doesn’t quite fit, you may want to consider bespoke fitted wardrobes. Better than any free-standing wardrobe, fitted ones can be tailored exactly, so you never have to compromise on space. Irregular bedrooms, square bedrooms and rectangle bedrooms alike can all benefit from tailor-made furnishings.

Not only can fitted wardrobes help you to save space, improve the style and reduce clutter, it can also add value to your home.

Where should I put a desk in my bedroom?

A desk works really well underneath your bedroom windows, letting in lots of natural light and giving you the opportunity to look away from a book or computer to give your eyes a rest.

If you don’t like to compromise, turn to Unique Bedrooms who will be able to tailor furnishings to fit your room precisely to the shape of your room. Whatever your taste, style or budget, we’ll be able to provide a comprehensive service that’ll transform your bedroom for the better. For more information or to discuss your ideas with our experts, contact us today. We operate throughout Northwood, Watford, Dunstable and beyond.