Home Improvement – Add Value to your Property

Householders are are always asking “how much is my house worth?”, and with the property ladder being so competitive, it can be difficult to stand out. Sometimes, in order to improve the value of your home, you will need to take measures to make your property more desirable for potential buyers.

With that in mind, in this article we’ll take a look at some of the ways you can boost the value of your property, so you can start thinking about that next rung on the ladder.

A loft conversion

stairs leading to loft conversion

One of the best ways to boost the appeal of your home to potential buyers is to convert your loft. A loft conversion can be a cost effective way of boosting the value of your property, and depending on the scale of the conversion, can be a relatively simple task. Taking advantage of existing – and often wasted – space, a conversion can turn that loft into a valuable asset.

However, one of the most difficult things about lofts is furnishing them, largely because the unique alcoves of a loft just can’t accommodate most standard furniture. This is where fitted furniture comes in. Bespoke furniture allows you to utilize existing space as efficiently as possible, impressing prospective buyers with your economical use of the loft’s limited room. With that in mind, it’s a good idea to keep your finger on the pulse when it comes to furnishing trends, this is another great way to impress viewers. Take a look at this article for some inspiration.


An extension

Minimalist conservatory
Another excellent way of adding value to your home is to extend your existing living space. However, there is a danger that your conservatory will simply look like it’s been bolted on. In order to avoid this scenario, ensure that your conservatory matches the style of your home exactly and, if possible, install the same flooring throughout your downstairs living area.


Create a home office

Close up of home office
More and more people are beginning to work from home, making the notion of a home office not just enticing, but essential for many homeowners. If you don’t currently have space for one in your home, creating a home office – especially one which is wonderfully fitted to the space provided, could be an excellent way to tempt prospective buyers to consider your home.


Deal with repairs

Row of hammers
Finally, one of the best ways to boost the appeal of your home is to simply get around to fixing up any unsightly damage, whether it’s structural or purely cosmetic. If someone who’s viewing your home notices that the house needs a great deal of work done to it post purchase, they will be much less likely to put in an acceptable offer, or worse, put in an offer at all. While you may have gotten used to some of the scuffs and cracks around your home, a viewer will be able to spot any damage or potential right away.


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