Home Decor Trends in 2019

2018 has left the building. And following closely behind are the various interior design trends that adorned homes across the nation last year. Say goodbye to minimalism, neutral tones and accent walls. 2019 is here with a bang and its invited some fresh new faces, as well as a few blasts from the past.Today, we’re going to take a glimpse into the year ahead. Here is our list of some of the top home design themes for the coming year.


modern room with chair in centre and plants

Flowers and interior design have had a love/hate relationship over the past few decades. Flower power was once all the rage, but nature’s colourful buds have been shunned in recent years. Well, nature is going to be in full force in 2019. In addition to flowers — which will be making a grand resurgence adorning the walls with bold prints — plants, earthy tones and all things natural will be taking centre stage.

Green is going to be a big colour this year. Green tea leaf, baby spinach and earth green will likely all be making an appearance next to mossy browns and peacock blues.
But paint won’t always be needed. Green is going to come in abundance from the overflowing foliage used to decorate tables and countertops. This trend will blur the borders between the inside of your home and the garden outside.


old glass jar used as a vase

Our relationship with the natural environment will also affect our fixtures, furniture and decorative items. Handcrafted and sustainable items will be all the rage this year, granting a heightened appreciation for the time and craftsmanship of a product, as opposed to its aesthetic.
But that doesn’t mean aesthetic will be brushed aside. There are a huge range of gorgeous, eco-friendly designs for all types of domestic fixture. Lampshades crafted from natural, pliable materials such as bamboo or even wool will hang beautifully from ceilings. Rugs and carpeting made from 100% natural products will convert the floor into an ocean of colour.

Mix & Match

Modern living room interior with sofa

Moving away from the environmental theme, another big trend of 2019 will be a palette of jumbled, contrasting colours. This trend is a celebration of individuality. Mixed up colours, styles and tastes represent the various facets of our personality, all coming together to illustrate our unique identity.
Expect to see clashing colours, contrasting styles and, reinvigorating itself — terrazzo. Terrazzo is in for 2019 and this speckled pattern will be used on both flooring and walls for a truly striking look.


Grey wooden armchair in scandi living room interior with patterned posters above settee. Real photo

Sharp, crisp lines are going to make a serious statement in homes across the country this year. Geometric shapes, be it squares, triangles and zigzags, are the in pattern of 2019. Expect to see square cushions bearing further square patterns. Small coffee tables and lamps will be embracing various sized triangles. And herringbone will be making a big comeback this year; the zig-zag pattern will be used to shape wooden floors and tiled walls across the home.

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