Hinged Wardrobe Doors vs Sliding Door Wardrobes: Which Is Best?

Storage and style – two elements of consideration for homeowners to constantly wrestle with. One thing every home needs is a wardrobe, creating a tidy, efficient way of storing clothes while matching furniture to the room and the rest of the interior design.

But which types of wardrobe are better, those with hinged wardrobe doors or those with sliding doors? This month, we’ll help you to choose your next wardrobe by weighing up the pros and cons of each style.

Let’s start by taking a look at what fitted, hinged door wardrobes have to offer.

Hinged door wardrobes benefits and drawbacks

hinged door wardrobes pros and cons

Pros of hinged door wardrobes

  • Easier to install – A standard hinged door wardrobe is often easier to fit as there’s no requirement for the use of tracks. Of course, a fitted wardrobe, tailored to your space, requires precision, but often this will be taken care of with accurate measuring and production of the materials to form the fitted wardrobe.
  • Fitted to space – Got awkward alcoves or sloping ceilings? It might feel like a struggle to find a wardrobe for these tricky spaces, but with a fitted hinged door wardrobe, you can truly make the most of your space and tailor the units for specific purposes, such as shoe storage for any excess low-height wardrobe spaces.
  • Classic feel – Hinged wardrobes are a classic style with a timeless feel. That “feel” is something to carefully consider when choosing the right handles, too, as you’ll be using them every day – it’s these small details which can add that touch of class to a room.
  • Full overview – If you like to throw your wardrobe doors open wide in the morning so that you can see your whole wardrobe and choose your outfit for the day, then a fitted, hinged wardrobe is perfect for you. For those who love their fashion – from trainers and caps to dresses and coats – there is nothing better than admiring a collection.
  • Inside door – Since the hinged doors will be swinging open, there is added space on the inside of the doors to add a mirror, hooks or perhaps even some small storage pockets – or you might want to pin pictures inside for a nice surprise every time you open them. 

Cons of hinged door wardrobes

  • Space required – Hinged wardrobe doors obviously need a certain amount of space in front of them to allow for opening. However, much of this can be combated by proper placement and opting for a fitted wardrobe to make as much use of the available space as possible.

Sliding door wardrobes benefits and drawbacks

sliding door wardrobes pros and cons

Pros of sliding door wardrobes

  • Space-saving – The biggest and most attractive facet of a sliding door wardrobe is the amount of space it can save. You can have these wardrobes fitted to any bedroom without having to give too much thought for clearance space in front of the wardrobe itself. This can help you to maximise your floor space.
  • Elegant opening – Fitted onto tracks at both the top and bottom, sliding door wardrobes give an effortless feel when opening them. They’re straightforward to operate and it provides a sense of charm to a room when you can glide your wardrobe doors open with little effort.
  • Mirrored potential – Many people want full length mirrors these days, and with a mirror on the sliding door of your wardrobe, you can have this. The added bonus is that mirrored wardrobe doors make a room look bigger since these door types usually go from floor to ceiling.
  • Modern look – Sliding door wardrobes have grown in popularity to become a modern trend. So if you’re looking for a contemporary style for your bedroom, this is a great choice – it can be an extra selling point if you ever choose to move home, too.

Cons of sliding door wardrobes

  • No overview – There is only one very minor drawback to a sliding door wardrobe: you can’t see all your clothes all at the same time. This is because one door will always be covering some of your belongings. However, this isn’t something everyone yearns to do.
  • Cannot be made angular Sometimes, if you want your wardrobe to extend into the corner and up the other wall, a sliding door wardrobe might not be best suited. This is because they require a straight track to slide on, without any curves.


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