Easy Tips to Keep Your Bedroom Clean

We live in a hectic time, one where we’re always on the go whether at work or in our social lives. Leading such busy lives, we understand there’s not a lot of time leftover for keeping the house, and particularly your bedroom, at its very best and tidiest. That’s why this month we’re offering a helping hand by looking at some of the easiest ways you can keep your bedroom clean!

Make Your Bed

It sounds like a really simple, straightforward tip, but it’s amazing how much cleaner a bedroom looks with a tidy bed. When you wake up in a morning, just remember to re-arrange your pillows and quilt neatly to reap the rewards. Making your bed has also been shown to improve sleeping behaviour!

Create Adequate, Stylish Storage Space

If your bedroom doesn’t have enough storage space, you’ll soon see it overflowing with clutter. Instead, you should ensure that your bedroom has more than enough storage space. Ottoman chests at the foot of your bed are a stylish storage choice with the added benefit that they double up as an extra seat as well.

But for the best storage solution to your storage woes, you’ll need fitted furniture. Fitted furniture works by turning your bedroom’s physical structure to your advantage. Nooks and recesses in your bedroom’s structure can be utilised as bookcases, wardrobes or similar such storage solutions, for instance. Just make sure to actually use the storage space once you’ve created it!

Leave Only the Essentials Out

Bedside tables and other bedroom counters should remain clear of all but the most essential items. A cluttered bedside table in particular will make your bedroom appear very untidy. If you don’t need an item immediately to hand, it shouldn’t be out; put it away in a drawer until you need it!

Put Your Clothes Away!

As and when you have clean clothes to put away, promptly do so. It’s no good trying to achieve a perfectly tidy bedroom while leaving a towering pile of clothes out. Likewise, you shouldn’t leave your dirty clothes on the floor either – that’s what laundry bags are for!

Commit to a Regular Cleaning Schedule

If you clean your bedroom regularly, you’ll actually end up spending less time cleaning it in the long run. That’s because dust and stains aren’t allowed to build up to difficult levels, so a quick wipe is all that’s needed on most surfaces. The same applies for vacuuming your bedroom floor. And because you’ll have followed the rest of the tips in this list (hopefully!) you won’t have much more to do on the cleaning front than dusting and vacuuming!

Install Appropriately Sized Furniture

In trying to cram your bedroom full of furniture, you run the risk of making your bedroom look very untidy and cluttered. Aside from making your bedroom look unclean, it will also negatively affect your sleep, too. Research shows that we sleep worse in cluttered environments because our minds can’t lay thoughts to rest. On the other hand, if there are fewer objects in a room there’s less for us to think about and we can settle into sleep quite quickly.

To avoid overbearing your bedroom with furniture, it’s well worth your time to consult a specialist furniture maker and interior designer. These professionals understand what will work best in a bedroom no matter what size it is. They will ensure it looks and feels both comfortable and tidy, leaving you free to enjoy your safe space in peace!

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