Do Fitted Wardrobes Add Value to Your Home?

Consumers typically buy fitted wardrobes because they provide ample storage space and fill awkward nooks of a room. A lesser-known benefit of fitted wardrobes is that they can add value to your home. If done to a high standard, the added value can even offset the total cost of installation, making a fitted wardrobe more than just a luxury — It’s an investment.

How do fitted wardrobes add value to your home?

beautifully fitted wardrobes


Fitted wardrobes are high-quality pieces of furniture. They’ll generate a feeling of luxury that will ripple throughout your home.

Space management

Fitted wardrobes sit in tight spaces, thereby freeing up floor space that would otherwise be occupied by non-fitted units. This makes the room appear bigger and provides more space for more furniture and other items.


When potential buyers visit a home, they want to be able to see themselves living there. Fitted wardrobes provide more space and give you greater storage to tidy up your items. This will allow you to create a ‘blank slate’ for potential buyers, with a large and tidy enough space to imagine setting their items down and transforming the room how they’d like.


Fitted wardrobes minimise cleaning duties. You won’t need to polish dusty corners, because they’re hidden within the wall space.


Other ways to add value to your home

Loft conversion

Spacious and fashionable bedroom connected with bathroom

Converting an unused loft into a habitable living space can significantly increase the value of your home. Loft space is usually at a premium, so investing in fitted furniture for a loft conversion is a great way to utilise all the available space while also increasing the value of your property.


Converting your basement 

converted basement

Loft conversions are commonplace, but many basements have just as much potential to become a second living room, an underground bar — or whatever you like! Similarly, look to implement fitted furniture in your basement to make the most of the limited space.


Add a conservatory

Senior couple enjoying breakfast at the dinner table

A conservatory is a simple home conversion that creates a new area for socialising or relaxing, invites natural light into your home, and adds extra value to your home. Conservatories generate a premium feel and are an attractive asset for potential buyers.

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