How to Design the Perfect Lounge

As your living room is the place where you’ll spend most of your time at home, making it as comfortable as possible should be at the top of your priorities when you redesign it. But where to start? What areas require the most attention? And, perhaps most importantly, how can you make the most out of your furniture? Here, we’ll be addressing those concerns and more besides.

Plan, Plan and Plan Again

One of the easiest mistakes you can make when planning your perfect lounge is to fill it full of furniture you love but that is unsuitable for the size of the room. You can soon make the room feel cramped or, worse, you could end up with a mismatched mess. Instead, take out your tape measure and some paper, take note of your room’s dimensions and start thinking about where you’d like your settee, coffee table and any other bits and bobs to go. Note what the maximum dimensions for each can be, then knock off a couple of inches just to be sure.

Conversely, if you’d like to make the most of your space and its aesthetic possibilities, consider having bespoke fitted furniture created. Such furniture will be unique to you and your living room. Additionally, as you’d have to work with a designer to have it made, you have the added benefit of not worrying about cluttering up your room.


If your lounge is a little on the smaller side, consider placing mirrors in strategic spots in the room to make it appear larger than it actually is. A bare wall can make the room appear cramped, especially so if there is furniture near it too. On the other hand, a mirror has the potential to open up the room, giving it dimensions that hide the room’s true, smaller size.

Alternatively, if your living room isn’t small, a mirror can serve to accentuate your room’s aesthetic further. Consider hanging one up above the fireplace and placing lamps around the room. On chilly, winter evenings, snuggle up on the settee with the lamps on and a relaxing movie, and enjoy the pleasant lighting your mirror helps to create by reflecting the light from your interspersed lamps.


If you don’t have a consistent theme for your living room, unfortunately the kaleidoscope of styles, colours and materials could make the room far less relaxing than it should be. Keep a theme in mind and stick to it. The odd part, such as paintings or cushions, can be spiced up, but aside from this you’ll want the styles in keeping with the rest of your design.

Humble Beginnings

Struggling for ideas? Why not start with a signature piece and move on from there. It’s easier to work around an existing item – be it an armchair or even a chandelier – and expand from that as opposed to trying to come up with fresh designs from scratch. It may be a less adventurous, more humble approach to redesigning your living room, but you’d be surprised just how different your room will look in the end regardless.

Seek Advice

Above all else, you should seek the advice of professional interior designers. Whether that involves questioning a blinds and curtains specialist or a decorator, don’t leap blindly into the decorative void. Take your time, do your research and reap the rewards. Perhaps more importantly than anything else, you should look for the advice of an expert furniture designer. You could go searching for furniture on your own, but to realise the dream living room you hold dear, you’ll need quality bespoke furniture from Unique Bedrooms.

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