How to Declutter Your Home

Whether you’re looking to move home, do some much need spring cleaning or simply have a little clear out, decluttering your home is just something that needs to be done every now and then. While the process can be by turns repetitive and stressful, the end result is always immensely satisfying, so don’t look at the task with a negative mindset! You never know, you might just be able to remove enough unwanted stuff to make way for a whole new room.

There are plenty of ways to go about decluttering your home, and if you find the idea a little daunting – don’t worry – Unique Bedrooms are on hand to help.

box of old toys

The science behind decluttering

Everyone knows the cliché  “tidy home, tidy mind”, but there’s a reason why it sticks around: it’s true. One study carried out by the University of California found that, after measuring stress levels in 30 couples, women who described their home as messy had higher levels of cortisol compared to those who lived in a tidy environment. With that in mind, if you’re living in a home with excess stuff and you’re feeling a little scrambled, too, just know the two are linked!

So, let’s get to work!

What you will need

  • Some stuff will be heading straight for the bin, so you will need some good and sturdy bin bags.
  • If it’s going to be kept, stored, put on eBay or sent to a charity shop, having some good cardboard boxes will help a great deal.
  • Another thing you’ll need: a decent chunk of time. Clearing out your home is no small feat, so set a weekend aside for the job.

The kitchen

When decluttering your kitchen, it’s those drawers and shelves which tend to harbour the most culinary clutter. Obscure spices, tins and jars of nondescript sauces that never got used – get rid of them. It’s best to be ruthless during this process, otherwise, what’s the point? Once you’re done, give the shelves a scrub for good measure.

tidy kitchen drawer

The garage

For many homes, the garage is clutter HQ and, as such, will probably take the longest to clear. Don’t let this get you down though – simply box up large items and either sell them or take them to the tip. With everything else, however, just load up your bin bags!

full bin bag

Your room

You might have found, from decluttering those other two spaces, that you have some personal possessions which  you don’t want to throw away but, at the same time, you don’t have the room to store. So, once you’ve finished decluttering your bedroom, it might be worth considering bolstering your storage units with some fitted furniture. It’s a fantastic solution which utilises space economically whilst looking great too, and is the perfect addition to your bedroom.

room with fitted wardrobes

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