How to Create a Bedroom That Grows With Your Child

The organisation and subsequent rejigging of your child’s bedroom is an unavoidable – and often rather expensive – task. This is in part due to the fact that their tastes change constantly as they grow older: one minute they like cartoons, the next they like football. So, in order to save time and money, you need to create a bedroom which can adapt to your child’s ever-changing needs. Luckily, Unique Bedrooms are here to provide some tips on how to do just that.

A Convertible Cot

One of the simplest, yet still very effective, additions that you can make to your child’s bedroom, is a convertible cot. You might think this seems a little unnecessary, but after around eighteen months your child may begin to need the extra room provided by a proper bed. With this in mind, a convertible cot just might be the perfect solution to the problem, ensuring a seamless transition from baby to toddler – and saving you the hassle of having to buy two beds!


Size up on the Furnishing

As babies are small, we tend to buy them belongings which are in keeping with this fact: tiny clothes, tiny toys – anything which matches their size. This is fine in some areas, but when it comes to their bedroom furnishing, this is best avoided. Chairs and chests of drawers can be expensive, and although it can be tempting to kit out your newborn’s bedroom with cute embellishments, it is unlikely that they will really need them. In light of this, try scaling up on your child’s furnishing; before you know it, it will be the right size.

Pick Neutral Colours

When thinking about the appearance of your baby’s room, it’s probably best to stick to a neutral colour palette that can be modified with ease. Although it may seem tempting to cover your newborn’s nursery in a garish colour, they might start to dislike it as they grow a little older. Neutral does not necessarily mean boring, though! You can add character to the room in other ways, which we’ll discuss in the following paragraph.

Adorable Adornments

Right, so you’ve got a convertible cot, sensible sized furnishing and a colour scheme that you can adapt to your child’s variable tastes – but it’s looking a bit plain. Here’s what you should do: decorate your child’s room with smaller ornaments which can be swapped out as your child matures, such as toys and pictures, while the furnishing staples stay constant. In this way, you can keep your child’s bedroom styled according to her various phases, with minimal spending and fuss!

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