How to clean fitted furniture

To keep your fitted furniture looking its best, it is very important you know how to clean it effectively. Even high-quality fitted furniture will suffer if it is not cared for properly. However, with the right maintenance, your furnishings will look pristine for a long time to come.

The cleaning methods necessary for your specific furniture will depend upon the materials it is made from and the finish used. For example, oiled wood finishes will require very different cleaning methods to a lacquer finished piece. In this article, we will give tips for cleaning a variety of different finishes used for fitted furniture.



Furniture with a painted finish is very popular and is a low maintenance, hard-wearing option. Cleaning painted furniture is quite easy:

  1. Dust the furniture thoroughly with a dry, soft cloth or, alternatively, using a brush attachment of a vacuum cleaner.
  2. For marks and grime, dampen a cloth in soapy water – dish cleaner works well – and wipe down the surfaces.
  3. Get rid of any left over moisture with a clean and dry soft cloth so it doesn’t soak into the wood, potentially causing damage.


Oiled wood surfaces are an attractive option which are easy to repair and aren’t too glossy. When cleaning oiled finishes:

  1. Be careful not to use strong cleaning chemicals on oiled wood as they can dissolve the coating. Furthermore, wax should be avoided too as it can dry out the material.
  2. Wipe down the surface with a dry soft cloth for a light clean and reapply furniture oil to the piece to keep it looking good as new.
  3. Any marks and stains can be easily repaired by lightly sanding the area and reapplying a good quality furniture oil.


A wax finish is a versatile option as different levels of sheen can be achieved purely with different maintenance levels. For cleaning waxed furniture:

  1. Dust the item regularly with a dry, soft cloth, being careful not to scratch off the finish.
  2. Detergents will dull the wax finish so for marks, gently wipe with a cloth dampened purely with warm water.
  3. Waxed finishes can be re-waxed and buffed as often as you like to maintain the desired level of sheen.


The most hard-wearing of finishes, lacquered or varnished wood is easily cleaned and has an attractive shine. For cleaning varnished or lacquered surfaces:

  1. Dust off the furnishing with either a dry or damp cloth.
  2. Clean away tougher marks using a damp cloth and diluted washing up liquid.
  3. Dry off the surface after cleaning to ensure moisture doesn’t seep in.


Keeping the insides of your fitted furniture clean is just as important as cleaning the outsides. Hinges, drawers, shelves and the tops of railings can all accumulate a surprising amount of dust, especially if you’re guilty of often leaving wardrobes and drawers open. For a thorough clean, simply give these areas a good vacuum using a brush attachment so you can get into all corners and awkward spots.


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