Bespoke Furniture Manufacturers: How to Choose the Right One

If you’re hoping to have new furniture expertly crafted specifically to your tastes and requirements, you’ll want only the best manufacturers in the field to carry out the work for you. But how do you choose the best bespoke furniture manufacturer? In this month’s article, we’ll be addressing just that.

Look for a Reputable Company

Central to choosing the perfect manufacturer for your needs is finding a reputable company upon whom you know you can rely. One way you can do this is to check out the manufacturers’ websites: though not a rule without exception, you can usually assume that the higher quality a website is, the higher quality the manufacturer is likely to be.


Also, be sure to look out for testimonials pages on these sites. On these pages, you’ll be able to find out the kinds of experiences other customers had with the manufacturer, and there may even be details about and photographs of the finished bespoke furniture products. If the information you find is unsatisfactory, keep searching.

Visit the Manufacturer’s Workshops & Showrooms

It may also be worth visiting the manufacturer’s premises in person as well. If they have a showroom, you can peruse their previous work and see if they can work to your designs and intentions. The manufacturer will likely work within a set style they feel most comfortable in, and if this doesn’t fit with your vision for your bespoke furniture, then the manufacturer is probably not right for you.

Ask About the Manufacturer’s Experience

Though you might be able to gauge how much experience a manufacturer has from the quality of the work they have produced previously, you should ask specific questions about their experience as well. Questions relating to how many projects they have worked on and how long they have worked in the trade can give you great insight into the quality of the manufacturer and the work they will produce.


Take Your Time

Designing and producing bespoke furniture can be very expensive, meaning it is of the utmost importance that you take your time and choose your manufacturer carefully. Your investment should not only produce furniture that looks good and matches your vision, but it should also be highly durable and give you years of satisfaction. The only way to ensure these exacting standards are met is to be patient when searching for a bespoke furniture manufacturer and to choose where you invest your money wisely; Unique Bedrooms are a firm where your investment would be well placed.

Unique Bedrooms provide only the highest quality fitted handmade furniture throughout the Watford, Dunstable and Northwood areas, and we have a wide range of materials available in order to craft your dream furniture. We also offer bespoke kitchen and office furniture that our team of expertly skilled carpenters ensure fits with your vision. For more information, or a free home consultation, contact our friendly team today.