Creating the perfect home office

An ever-increasing workload matched by a long list of household duties can quickly result in an unrelenting to-do list which is interrupted by constant distractions. Sound familiar? Working from home can create unnecessary stress if boundaries are not established; after all, using a laptop in front of the television in the living room simply isn’t an efficient way to work. Therefore, it’s time to create your own office at home that you can work from without any distractions.

Our experts at Unique Bedrooms Direct have put together a list of simple ideas to create the perfect home office to help improve your motivation and productivity levels and help you focus on your work.

Picking the perfect room

If space permits, a spare bedroom can be transformed into the ideal home office as you can lock yourself away from the rest of the house to concentrate on your work. Having an entire room to yourself will generally mean you have the space to incorporate office furniture and equipment, so you have all the resources to hand for a productive working week.

Wherever you decide to have your home office, it’s important that you create a place which is only associated with work. That is, you only work inside the room, and when the time comes for your working day to end, it’s time to relax with the rest of your family and leave the work behind.

Working hours

Setting specific working hours is particularly important if you have young children as they are less likely to understand when and why they can’t disturb you. The best way of tackling this problem is to design a room which your family know is your working space and is, in turn, out of bounds. Another top tip is to attach a ‘do not disturb’ sign on your office door to help them understand when you need to be left alone to work or make an important phone call to a client.

Establishing set business hours will also help you to switch off at the end of your working day, so your job doesn’t mix with your personal life.


Now that you have separated yourself from the rest of the house and established your own boundaries with your home office, there’ll be no more distractions, right? Wrong. Having a mobile phone in the room can cause your mind to wander off your work, so make things easier on yourself by moving your phone into an area of the room out of easy reach to prevent you from checking it while you are working. Alternatively, if your line of work doesn’t involve contact with clients or staff, we advise that you switch your voicemail on and turn the phone off. That way, you will find yourself concentrating much harder on your work rather than checking your phone every 10 minutes for messages.

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