Bedroom Storage: How to Make the Most out of a Small Space

Just because your bedroom is a little on the small side  doesn’t have to mean that you can’t fit anything in it. All it means is that you have to get creative with your storage solutions. Fitted furniture in particular can be a godsend for those decorating small spaces, and in this month’s article we’ll be looking at some of the best storage solution ideas out there.

Double-Duty Furniture

If space is an issue, it pays to be able to keep an open mind to what you can use each piece of furniture for. A chest of drawers can double up as a bedside table, for instance. Other options include purchasing a storage bed which can be lifted open on a hinge, revealing immense storage potential underneath the mattress that is hidden from view. Bed benches are another stylish design choice that can simultaneously act as an extra seat and an extra storage box.

Fitted TV Stand with drawers

Shelving and Cabinets

Installing shelving and fitted cabinets around the headboard of your bed can help you reclaim space you may have otherwise written off. You can even install wall-mounted lights to eliminate the need for bedside lamps to maximise the space this option would provide. The more storage solutions you have that are tucked away into wall recesses and underneath beds, the more floor space you will have to ensure the room feels larger.

Built-In Wardrobes

If possible for the size of the room, you should consider have bespoke wardrobes built into your bedroom’s walls. A bespoke designer will understand the storage problems facing you and will be able to use their experience to find ingenious solutions, maximising storage opportunities.

Utilise All Spaces

There isn’t room to be picky when you have a small room so you’ll need to utilise any open space for storage, including below the windows. Fitted furniture can be made to measure, allowing you the added storage space without imposing on your view out of the window. If your bedroom is in the loft, it is likely to have recesses of intriguing shapes that standard furniture may struggle to fit into. A bespoke design can utilise these spaces for bookcases or a snug seating area with woven baskets slid underneath the seats. The possibilities are endless.


Ultimately, even the best storage solutions in the world can come apart if you fail to organise your possessions properly. Once you have had your fitted furniture installed, you will need to set about organising your items to maximise the amount of things you can fit into your room. In doing so, your bedroom will truly live up to its potential.

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