How Your Bedroom Design Can Help You Sleep Better

Everyone wants to make their home look nice, striving to decorate and furnish it with a comfortable, warm and inviting aesthetic. Most people know that certain colours can evoke certain emotions and plan their home’s colour scheme out meticulously, but few know that a combination of the right colours, the best furniture and the ideal layout can also help you sleep better. Here, we’ll be showing how and why your bedroom design can do exactly that.

Stability and Positioning Your Bed Appropriately

It’s perhaps no surprise, but one of the most important aspects of your bedroom that you have to get right involves the bed itself. Clearly you’ll need a mattress that’s ideal for you, be it memory foam or something a little sturdier, and the size of the frame will be dependent on the size of your room, but both the stability and how you position the bed can also affect your sleeping behaviour.

To improve your sleep, opt for a sturdy frame with a large headboard. The headboard will provide you with the stability required for a good sleep, so long as it is placed up against a wall. Hardwoods in particular make for an especially appealing frame and headboard. Position the bed facing away from windows and door openings to achieve the best sleep!

A Clean & Tidy Space

So you lead a busy life – between work and play, who has the time to make the bed in the morning and keep their bedroom tidy? However, failing to keep your bedroom tidy could stop you from sleeping healthily. Making your bed everyday can make your bedroom look and feel more welcoming, but that’s just for starters.

You should arrange the furniture in your bedroom to encourage tidiness. Clutter is the enemy of sleep, as when you lay your head to rest the clutter will stop you from feeling relaxed, occupying your mind whether consciously or not. Therefore, ensure there is plenty of floorspace and adequate storage in your bedroom to prevent clutter forming and hemming you in. Fitted furniture is an excellent solution to storage queries, and a fitted bed encourages a level of comfort a regular bed simply cannot.

Dimmed Lights and Quality Blinds

Your bedroom needs to be dark. It’s no good having bright lights and thin blinds or curtains in your bedroom as your body clock won’t know how to function correctly. Unnatural light, either from inside your bedroom or from outside, can upset your circadian rhythm and lead to unhealthy sleeping patterns.

Instead, you should switch to dimmed lights that will soothe your transition into sleep before you turn out the lights, and install blinds or curtains that block out light from the street but can let in sunlight in the morning. A bespoke bedside table, replete with a dimmed lamp, is a great way to achieve this balance. Overall, this should help your body clock to align itself better and improve your sleep.

Keep Electronics and Noise to a Minimum

Your bedroom is a place of rest and, as such, it doesn’t make sense to fill your bedroom with electronics that only serve to keep you up and connected. Don’t install your house phone in the bedroom, and definitely leave your mobile phone in the kitchen or living room – purchase an alarm clock if you use your phone as an alarm!

But it shouldn’t stop there. Your TV, laptop and tablet can all be left outside your bedroom. It may sound nice to watch telly in bed, especially on a lazy Sunday morning, but it’s far healthier to actually get up and go into the living room to binge watch the latest Netflix show! Otherwise, you risk associating your bed with wakefulness, having laid in it to concentrate on a show rather than slipping into sleep.

Similarly, you should try and limit all noises in your bedroom to provide you with a restful sleep. Installing soft-close drawers on your chest of drawers, wardrobe and other relevant paraphernalia in your bedroom is just one way you can limit distractions!

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