Baby Nursery Decorating Ideas for 2020

Decorating a nursery for your new arrival is an exciting and rewarding activity, but the abundance of design options can leave you feeling overwhelmed. If you’re looking for some nursery inspiration, you’ve come to the right place. This article will provide some nursery decor ideas, based on the popular themes and trending colours of 2020.

2020 Trending Colours & Themes for Nurseries

  • Classic Blue
Spacious baby's room with crib

Pantone’s colour of the year for 2020 is ‘classic blue’, a traditional hue that evokes security and reassurance. Perfect for a nursery, blue is a calming colour that can be combined with a vast colour palette. Blue is considered a safe design choice if you don’t know the sex of the baby, as it has long been considered to be a gender-neutral colour.

  • Rainbow
baby room with rainbow theme

Bright, vivid colours provide visual stimulation and keep young children entertained. Combine a plain white interior with rainbow-coloured shelves, blinds or rugs. Feel free to decorate the walls with an array of colourful paintings, stickers and drawings. As your child gets older and you no longer need the nursery, you can remove the decorations and repurpose the room without needing to repaint the walls.

  • Pastel Colours
child's room with cloud wallpaper on blue wall, to

Pastels strike a delicate balance — they are colourful enough to stimulate your baby but soft enough to calm them. Pastels are available in a wide range of colours. Choose between yellows, greens and blues to match your taste. 

  • Grey
Grey pouf on white carpet inelegant baby bedroom interior with white and grey furniture, real photo

Grey may not be the first colour you’d expect from baby room ideas, but grey is a classic colour that is as functional as it is stylish. Though not the boldest of colours, grey is light enough as not to generate a gloomy atmosphere. Unlike many alternatives, grey is useful at hiding stains (and there will be stains). It provides a sturdy base that won’t be easily ruined and can be combined with flecks of colour via wall art or toys.


Nursery Decorating Tips & Tricks

1. Include a mobile above the bed

While you may be eager to decorate the walls and furniture of your new nursery, the reality is that your baby will spend most of its time on its back, staring towards the ceiling. A mobile above the bed provides visual stimulation and promotes brain development. We recommend choosing a mobile with colours that match the theme of the room. 

2. Wall stickers

Wall stickers enliven a room and can easily be removed and replaced as your baby gets older. Cartoon characters and trees are two common themes. Cartoon characters provide visual stimulation, whereas trees will generate a relaxing atmosphere.

3. Introduce plants

Introduce your child to the natural world by strategically placing plants throughout your nursery. Your child will be able to interact with elements of the outdoors, but do so in a safe, indoor space.

Plants also promote good health by removing pollutants from the air. This will reduce symptoms of asthma and other respiratory illnesses.

We recommend curating a selection of plants with different shades of green. Combine with light walls and wooden furniture to enhance the ‘nature’ theme. 

4. Fitted wardrobes

Don’t underestimate how many clothes, cuddly toys and keepsakes you acquire after having a child. It’s important that your nursery has enough storage space to keep all of your child’s items. Fitted wardrobes are an ideal way to utilise the available space in the room; any awkward corner or nook can be transformed into an attractive and functional wardrobe.

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