Advantages of Custom Living Room Furniture

Flat pack furniture has been a godsend to many people, as it has brought cheap design to the masses. No matter what your budget, custom living room furniture will make a visible difference: just think about gorgeous tables made to measure, cabinets designed to display your personal treasures perfectly, and bespoke sofas in just the right shade to match your decor. Sound heavenly? It’s actually a very achievable dream for people who want something a bit more special for their home.

Perfect for a Period Home

If you live in a period property, often you will find that modern-design furniture isn’t quite right, and you might not have the time or be willing to hunt out period-appropriate antiques. The beauty of bespoke furniture is that you can have it designed to fit your requirements exactly: your coffee table can match your wooden shelves; your sofa can tone exactly with the curtains; your dressers and bookcases will be sympathetic to their surroundings. Awkward corners, higher ceilings and larger windows are all common in older properties, and custom living room furniture can be designed to suit these features exactly. With custom furniture, there is no one-size-fits all: everything is unique to your house and your property.

Show Off Your Personality

For a house full of personality and character, custom made furniture can be ideal. With sofas designed for the heights of the sitters, and upholstered in your choice of fabric, you can have a living room (or any other room, for that matter) arranged to suit your needs exactly. Show off your antique book collection with a custom-made bookcase, or have an AV unit made that fits all of your gadgetry seamlessly. A really good interior designer will also be able to source appropriate accessories for your home too, from decorative accents such as picture frames and candle holders to textiles such as cushions and rugs. Once the basics are in place (a sofa or bed of solid construction, and any other pieces necessary for your living areas), then the room can be perfectly finished with exactly the right lighting and wall art.

Ingenious Storage

Good custom-made furniture will include smart storage that’s perfect for your needs. In smaller spaces, bespoke floor-to-ceiling cupboards can work wonders, particularly if they include sliding rather than folding doors. Whether you’ve an abundance of toys, books, skiing equipment or artists’ materials, you can find your perfect storage solution. Lighting options are an excellent bespoke feature too: cupboards and other storage areas can include a light which is automatically triggered when the door is opened, or lighting can be designed to bring extra radiance to a room’s darkest corners. Whatever your preferences when it comes to home design, having furniture designed just for you is a great investment. By spending a little more now, you are guaranteed to be buying furniture which suits your needs. As the build quality will be higher, you will also be getting more real quality for your money than if you bought cheap MDF furniture from a superstore.

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