Achieving a unique look – asymmetric bookcases

Fitted furniture is the ideal option if you are looking to avoid the generic flat-pack furniture look, transforming the interior of your home into a personalised, creative space. The versatility of an asymmetric bookcase means it will complement any household, fitting with either a modern or traditional design.

Not only is this stylish storage unit utilised for books, it also offers plenty of space to
display your photo frames and favourite decorative items. Available in an assortment of shapes, sizes and colours, this asymmetrical design is a popular choice with homeowners who are looking to create a sophisticated, distinctive feature in their living room, office or bedroom.

The tessellating shelves in this design allow for a uniform appearance, fitting neatly into

your chosen room for a sleek, professional finish.

The separate angular compartments provide plenty of room for whatever items you wish to display, combining practicality with style.

It provides a sturdy, durable alternative to self-assembly furniture, as it is made-to-measure with your room so it complements the space seamlessly.

The scattered shelving on this bookcase offers a quirky look for any home, not only providing a place to store items but also becoming the focal feature of a room. The versatility of the timber allows the design to fit either a modern or traditional design, as the wood can be painted or stained to fit with the surrounding décor of the room.

Bookshelves do not need to consist of straight lines and sharp 90 degree angles. Bold curves and asymmetrical designs are a popular choice for many homeowners looking to give their home a sophisticated and modern finish.

This stylish bookcase exudes elegance and charm, offering a high quality, arty design to fit with any contemporary household.

Similar to a honeycomb design, the asymmetrical shelves in this bookcase offer a slight twist on what is considered a ‘traditional’ shape.

Mainly utilised for books, DVDs and CDs, what this design lacks in functionality, it definitely makes up for in style, offering a stylish addition to any room for a unique look.

The distinctive pattern of this bookcase means it will complement any modern home and match contemporary surroundings seamlessly.

Further to this, painting or staining the wood will also allow this design to fit in with a traditional property. Compartments filled with timeless novels will give this bookcase a classic look which will suit any traditional home.

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