How to Accessorise Sliding Door Wardrobes

With regular wardrobes, you simply have to work with with the space you’ve got. You will probably have an assortment of shirts, coats and trousers all on the same rail, and some room to arrange your shoes at the bottom, if you’re lucky. The rest of your clothes and accessories will have to be stored elsewhere, unfortunately.

However, the problem with regular wardrobes is that they can’t accommodate for people’s varying tastes in clothes, and individual tendencies to purchase a great deal of one thing. If you opt for a bespoke wardrobe though, the opportunities for personalisation are endless. From pull out jewellery trays to corner rails – it’s entirely up to you!

So, with this in mind, the team at Unique Bedrooms are going to get you started with some inspiration!

Corner rails

Corners are normally an enemy of standard wardrobes; they just don’t look quite right flush against the wall, and this means that precious space is wasted. With bespoke wardrobes, however, this can be used to your advantage. With the addition of a corner rail, you can optimise hanging space in that awkward area, and stack shelves above and below to accommodate various accessories, such as hats or bags.

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Everyone has their own, personal sartorial Achilles’ heel, and for many, it’s shoes. If you fall into this camp, then perhaps you need to start thinking about how this quirk of yours will factor into the creation of your bespoke wardrobe. Although lining shoes neatly on the floor may seem like an OK solution, why not go for a shoe rack? A rack can help keep your shoes secure, separate and – perhaps most importantly – within reach, making it that little bit easier to choose your outfit in the morning.

Jewellery trays

Some people hang jewellery, some people lay it, some people put it in boxes – in fact, most probably do all three. The problem with this solution though, is it doesn’t quite keep it all together. That’s where your new wardrobe comes in. That is, when designing your new wardrobe, you can opt for bespoke jewellery trays, meaning that you can keep all of your jewellery secure yet accessible, all in one place and, of course, out of eyesight!

LED hanging rails

Not an essential by any means, but if you want to go that extra mile to make your wardrobe stand out from the crowd, why not go for some LED lighting? LED lighting on the rails or around the base of your wardrobe can really add that extra wow factor.


So, has all of this talk about bespoke wardrobes got you inspired? If you’d like to know more about our bespoke sliding door wardrobes, simply visit our showrooms in Dunstable and Northwood, or get in touch with Unique Bedrooms Direct today and see how we can help you. All of our bespoke sliding door wardrobes are constructed exactly to your specifications, adding personal expression to your bedroom.