5 tips for taking care of your mattress

For a dreamy night’s sleep, you are relying almost entirely on your mattress which should be comfy and in good shape. To help aid your sleep and keep your mattress in prime condition for as long as possible, you should make sure you care for it well. After all, this furnishing is an investment which will be used daily for years to come. So, to ensure your mattress stays comfortable for longer, here are some top tips for mattress care.

1) Turn your mattress regularly

Over time, sleeping on the same part of your mattress will result in it wearing unevenly. To prevent this from happening, you should rotate your mattress roughly 4 times a year. This is a simple task which can make a big difference over time and all you need to do is rotate it 180°. In the past, the advice was to flip your mattress over too. However, nowadays they are generally designed to stay one way up so you needn’t even flip them over to maintain uniformity.


2) Get a mattress protector

Although a bedsheet will provide a superficial layer of protection for your mattress, a more substantial layer is needed to truly care for it. A mattress protector provides this safeguarding layer, and you should aim to get one that is waterproof and breathable for maximum protection. This will help provide protection against staining, sweat, spillages, mould and dust mites. Options that are easily washable and have extra padding for comfort are popular.

3) Use a good bed frame

A good, sturdy bed frame will ensure you are making the most of your mattress. Without a supportive frame, even the most expensive mattress won’t perform and be as comfortable as it should. The bed frame that your mattress sits on provides support and stability; with a poor bed frame you can expect your mattress to wear unevenly and, more noticeably, you’ll likely end up with a squeaky bed. One of the most important things to look for in a bed frame is support in the middle of the bed – without this, your mattress will sag.

4) Avoid the edges

The vast majority of people will sit on the edge of their bed – it’s easy and a convenient place to put on shoes or quickly check your phone. However, this can cause your mattress to wear out quicker and become less supportive. Your bed is designed to support your weight across a larger area – in other words, whilst lying down – so try to stick to a chair when you’re just having a quick sit down.

5) Clean and air

Even with a protector, you should still give your mattress a once over with a vacuum every now and then to keep it dust free. If you suffer from allergies, you should add this to your cleaning routine to eliminate potential irritants from your bed.

Your mattress will also benefit from being aired from time to time, as moisture is easily absorbed and trapped, even from humid air conditions. To let it air properly, simply take off all the sheets. A great opportunity to do this is when you are going away for a night or on holiday.


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