Furniture Accessories

A living room is far from just the sofas and chairs that you use every day. The little touches and the extra features of a room play a huge part in creating an aesthetically pleasing space and a pleasant atmosphere, and they’re just as important as the bigger items that take centre stage.

Unique Bedrooms Direct are specialists in creating and supplying living room accessories that utilise the best in contemporary design for customers throughout Northwood, Watford and Dunstable. From coffee tables to shelving, we can create exactly what you need, right down to the most minute of details, done so with the utmost care, attention and professionalism.

If you’re in search of living room accessories to complete your home, simply get in touch with the team today or pay a visit to either of our Dunstable or Northwood showrooms, and we’ll be more than happy to help you with anything you need.