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Perfect Layouts for Small Fitted Kitchens

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

The kitchen has evolved in the 21st Century to become the central hub of any home. It is no longer used simply for one person to prepare food; the kitchen is now a room for socialising, cooking together and entertaining guests.

It’s important to consider the layout of your kitchen when creating a bespoke design for your home, and what purpose you want the room to serve – particularly if you have a small space to work with. We’ve listed a few of the best layouts to consider for a small bespoke fitted kitchen.


Galley kitchens are a traditional kitchen design named for their use in ship kitchens. The close formation of the oven to the sink and fridge on opposite sides provides a perfect work-space triangle, and the design works well if you have a narrow corridor/room to occupy.

However, one limitation of this space is that the kitchen is isolated from the rest of the house, which may not be ideal if you want your kitchen to provide a room to entertain guests in and socialise whilst cooking. What’s more, if the galley is not closed off on one end, bear in mind that people will pass through the space, a factor that could potentially cause accidents when you are handling food!


An L-Shaped kitchen maximises corner space, and provides a smart and useful design for a small area, particularly open-plan living areas or studio apartments. In utilizing two walls of your space, the potential for family passing through the room whilst meals are being prepared is removed, giving more space for meal preparation.



A small, U-Shaped kitchen provides much the same functionality as a Galley kitchen design, although with more surface space. Of course, a U-Shape may not be ideal if your space is very small, as you still need room to move from each side, but the layout allows the room to be open to other areas of the house without being a through-way to other rooms.


Kitchen designers will acknowledge that Islands are an increasingly popular addition to kitchen layouts, providing added functionality, as well as a place to interact. The addition of bar stools to an island countertop provides the option to socialise whilst cooking simultaneously, whilst placing the oven on the island allows the chef to face towards the rest of the home while cooking. It is important to bear in mind, however, that an island can be frustrating in smaller kitchens as the chef has to navigate the obstacle in order to get food over the table; a chore that could quickly become annoying in a cramped room.

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