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Advantages of Custom Bedroom Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Kitting out your bedroom with plenty of efficient storage space is an excellent way of keeping the room tidy and clutter-free without having to throw any of your personal belongings away. It can be easy for things to pile up on the floor, especially if you’re in a rush, so fitted furniture provides a handy … Continue reading

Furniture Throughout History

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Humans have created and used furniture for as long as there have been records of our existence and as technology and textiles have evolved, so has the kind of furniture that we’ve been able to build. Early Functional Furniture The first examples of furniture stem from Neolithic times and Stone Age settlements show the use … Continue reading

Advantages of Custom Living Room Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Flat pack furniture has been a godsend to many people, as it has brought cheap design to the masses. No matter what your budget, custom living room furniture will make a visible difference: just think about gorgeous tables made to measure, cabinets designed to display your personal treasures perfectly, and bespoke sofas in just the … Continue reading

Top Interior Design Trends for 2015

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

The arrival of 2015 is likely to see an influx of new interior design trends. While some of these trends are expected to be brand new, a vast majority of them are likely to have evolved from previous designs. If you are toying with the idea of changing the look of the interior of your … Continue reading

Kitchen Lighting

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Lighting is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to subtly set the mood in their rooms. This is not only achieved through the light emitted, but also by the design of the light fixtures themselves. Here at Unique Bedrooms, we recommend that you consider the style as well as the functionality of varying … Continue reading

Unique’s Fitted Wardrobe Guide

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

The wardrobe can easily become a repository for bedroom clutter, even in an otherwise clean and tidy home. Fortunately, with a little creative thinking, careful consideration and effective use of space thanks to organizing solutions, even the messiest wardrobe can be turned into a haven of order, with every item easy to find. Plan Ahead … Continue reading

Caring For Your Wooden Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Having invested time and money into a stylish new piece of furniture to enhance the look of your home, it is important to carry out regular maintenance to ensure it remains in excellent condition for many years to come. Here at Unique Bedrooms, we want to make sure you get the most out of your … Continue reading

Using colour to set the mood

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

A new colour scheme in your home will not only revive the rooms, it will enliven your spirit too. Choosing certain colours can set the overall tone of the property and evoke a mood of peace, tranquility, excitement, femininity or energy for the people who live there. Typically, each colour creates a commonly shared set … Continue reading

Iconic Bedrooms: What elements can you bring into your home?

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Your bedroom is arguably the one room in the house that must suit you perfectly – it’s where you relax, unwind, read, dress, beautify, sleep, spend time alone, dream. Of course we’d all love to have amazing bedrooms like the ones we see in the magazines and movies, but most of us have budgetary and … Continue reading

Achieving a unique look – asymmetric bookcases

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Fitted furniture is the ideal option if you are looking to avoid the generic flat-pack furniture look, transforming the interior of your home into a personalised, creative space. The versatility of an asymmetric bookcase means it will complement any household, fitting with either a modern or traditional design. Not only is this stylish storage unit … Continue reading