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Kitchen Lighting

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

Lighting is one of the most effective ways for homeowners to subtly set the mood in their rooms. This is not only achieved through the light emitted, but also by the design of the light fixtures themselves. Here at Unique Bedrooms, we recommend that you consider the style as well as the functionality of varying light fixtures when choosing the right one for your home, including design, shape, colour and size.

Similar to how a piece of jewellery or item of clothing can complete the look of an outfit, light fixtures act as accessories to the room as they can either dress up or dress down the overall appearance. This article will serve to explain the different types of kitchen lighting available on the market today so you can find a design which best suits your requirements.

Contemporary Decorative Bulbs

Using decorative bulbs is an easy and effective way to update the look of your room without shelling out a hefty cost to redecorate. They deliver on functionality and style, meaning you don’t have to compromise on either! Decorative bulb designs include recessed downlights, flourescent lights, spotlights and hanging pendant lights.

Pendant Lighting

Ceiling pendant lighting emits a direct pool of light onto a table or breakfast bar, making it perfectly suited for a kitchen as it creates a task light for food preparation, eating and reading.

Smaller hanging pendants are an ideal design to be placed above a kitchen island, counter or breakfast bar as they offer a more subtle look while remaining a focal point of the kitchen and delivering on practicality.

The design of a rise and fall pendant uses a pulley mechanism which allows you to raise and lower the pendant as required. This is ideal if you are wanting to create an ambient intimate setting.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is available in many designs to complement almost any type of kitchen, including penchant lighting, spotlights under shelves and under cabinet lighting.

The main areas in the kitchen which benefit most from sufficient task lighting are directly above the cooker and over the worktop. The purpose of such lighting is to cast direct light onto work surfaces, such as countertops and breakfast bars, to help with food preparation, making tasks such as slicing and dicing much easier and safer.

Convenience Lighting

Convenience lighting illuminates cupboards and drawers when they are opened for accessibility and ease of use. It can be added inside saucepan and cutlery drawers, wall units, larders and cupboards. This additional feature brings a sense of luxury to any kitchen design while fulfilling the practical purposes of the room.

Ambient Lighting

This is often one of the most overlooked forms of kitchen lighting, yet it can completely transform the look of a kitchen using soft subtle tones for a warm glow throughout the room. Strip lights placed on top of kitchen cupboards shine directly onto the ceiling and bounce back into the rest of the room, creating an inviting and relaxing feel for you and your guests.

Design at the forefront

When designing a kitchen you want to think about functionality, but to truly enjoy the design it should also suit your tastes and the style of the house. Take a look at our design tips for the smaller kitchen, or read more about the considerations of a fitted kitchen versus an off the rack kitchen.

Here at Unique Bedrooms, our fully qualified teams design, create and install beautiful contemporary kitchens tailored to your individual requirements. Our meticulous attention to details and high levels of care mean we can produce the kitchen of your dreams. Simply get in touch with our expert team today for further information.

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