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How to Add Value to Your Home with Fitted Furniture

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

When looking to move up the property ladder, making some essential changes to your home increasing the offers buyers may make on your house. The addition of some choice, quality fitted furniture to your home can boost its value significantly, and also make it a better place for your family to live in the meantime.

To maximise the potential value of your home with fitted furniture, check out the top tips compiled by our team here at Unique Bedrooms below.

Make use of alcoves

If a room in your house has a unique alcove, making use of them by installing some beautiful bespoke fitted furniture can be a great selling point for your home. Installing storage space in the way of shelving, cupboards, or custom designed cabinets can not only look great, but will also use every available space in your home. This will reduce clutter and make your rooms look larger, which is a great tactic to increasing the value of your house.

Bespoke loft furniture

Loft conversions are increasingly touted as one of the most effective and affordable ways for homeowners to add space to their home, and add to its value overall. However, a loft with unsuitable or ill-fitting furniture will not be appealing to any buyer, so installing some bespoke fitted furniture for your loft conversion is a great way of maximising the space you have added to your home.

Fitted storage space designed with a sloping roof or tight corner in mind is a great way of transforming inaccessible spaces into additional storage areas – a valuable commodity to buyers when your home is on the market.

Complement the unique features of older homes

Period features such as cornicing, door mouldings and skirting boards should be complemented with your fitted furniture, not hidden. That’s why using a professional fitted furniture designer is essential to ensure that your bespoke fitted furniture is made to fit around the unique features of your home. 

Quality furniture

One of the most off putting features in a house to potential buyers is a visibly poor quality fit to your furniture, so investing now will save you money in the long term. Make sure you are using a reliable company that uses quality materials to ensure your fitted furniture is up to scratch with the rest of your home.

Concentrate on the kitchen

The kitchen has moved from being just a room where the cooking happens to the heart of the home, providing a space for entertaining, relaxing, and socialising with friends and family. It’s important, then, that your fitted kitchen reflects the atmosphere you want to create in the room, whether that’s a sleek and modern feel, or a more rustic country style kitchen. A good quality kitchen with expertly installed fitted furniture can be instrumental in adding value to your home, so if you have one room to focus your attention, it should be here.

Here at Unique Bedrooms, our experienced team are on hand to help you choose the perfect bespoke fitted furniture for your home. We create unique pieces from the highest quality materials, ensuring your furniture is an exact fit suited to your requirements.

Our team here at Unique Bedrooms work with you throughout every stage of planning, helping you to design beautiful furniture pieces that will complement the period features of your home.

We offer our services to the Watford, Dunstable, and Northwood areas, so to find out more information, feel free to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.


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