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Colours in fitted rooms and bespoke furniture designs

Posted on by Unique Bedrooms Direct

When planning the interior of your home, colour plays an instrumental role in achieving the desired atmosphere for each room. For example, the choice between a pale, pastel tone and a bold, deep tone can be the deciding in factor in what mood a room will create.

In this article, we look at the varying atmospheres a colour can create for a room, and what colours and materials may be best suited for your fitted furniture in each room of your house.


Red – a strong accessory colour

Red is a bold, strong colour that can make a big impact on any room it features in. You should be careful when choosing red as a dominant colour as it can be overpowering and difficult to relax in – consider using it as an accessory colour such as for curtains, chair coverings etc for an easy way to blend it in with the environment.

Red is particularly great for use in dining rooms, as the colour is proven to stimulate the appetite and promote sociable feelings by raising the room’s energy level!

Orange – perfect for dinner rooms

Orange is also a great colour for dining rooms, providing a light, warming atmosphere that colour psychologists report aids digestion. This is an ideal tone for increasing the energy of the room, and can create a colourful atmosphere for your dining room or kitchen where the family often congregate.

Orange should be avoided in bedrooms and living rooms however, as the sunny tone can make relaxation difficult – instead look for areas such as seating, tinted glass, and blinds to add a splash of orange to and lighten the kitchen and dining room.

Pink – not just for girls

Pink can be a controversial choice for home interiors, often considering the most feminine colour available. However, with the right shade, pink rooms can evoke a calming, restful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

The ‘girly’ image pink can create can be levelled by using darker colours in the room – opt for a dark stain on your fitted wooden furniture for a unique contrast.

Blue – bring relaxation into the house

The colour blue achieves a calming, peaceful environment ideal for a relaxed bedroom or chilled-out bathroom space. Proved to be conductive in aiding sleep, adding a touch of blue into your fitted bedroom can help you unwind after a long day, whilst painting the walls blue in your bathroom can create a spa-like feel that’s perfect to take a long bath and relax in.

Be careful to avoid some lighter tones which can make rooms feel cold or sparse – choose a softer colour that will aid relaxation but keep the warmth of the room in tact.

Green – the versatile colour for every room

Green is an extremely restorative colour, with the shades often found in nature creating a soothing and tranquil environment within the home. Choose this colour for any room in your house, from dark, earthy tones for a rich and luxurious feel in bedrooms, to bright, spring-green tones in your kitchen to create a feeling of space and light.

Purple – a touch of luxury

Likewise, purple is another versatile colour that can be used in several rooms of the home, depending on the tone selected. Deeper shades create a luxurious impression, perfect for a cosy bedroom or impressive living room, whilst lighter shades such as lilac can emulate the same calming effect as light shades of blue, and can be added to the wall or through home accessories in any room of your choice.

Neutral – the airy baseline

Neutral shades of beige, white, and grey have become increasingly popular in recent years, adding an airy feel to the home, with unlimited options for colour ‘pops’ to make rooms really stand out. Likewise, neutral provides a bank slat for your fitted furniture – whether you choose a natural pine wood, or a deeper shade in mahogany or oak.

If you do choose to use neutral tones in your home however, be careful that the room does not look too bland – adding hints of bolder colours can be a great help to insert personality into a room here.

Embrace colour

Here at Unique Bedrooms, our experienced team will work closely with you to help you create the perfect room for your requirements and style. We provide fitted bedrooms, furniture and wardrobes, as well as furniture accessories in a range of colours, so we’re sure to have something to suit you.

We offer our services to the Watford, Northwood, and Dunstable areas, so for more information or to discuss your home’s redesign, feel free to contact us today – we’ll be happy to help with any queries you may have.


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